The £2.50 pet perfume that will nix any autumnal wet dog smells

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This £2.50 perfume will leave your dog smelling fresh even when it’s pouring outside.

No matter how much we love our dog, when it comes to keeping our homes looking and smelling like something out of a magazine catalogue, our pooches can become a bit of a nuisance.

And when autumn kicks in (or really any season for us Brits), it’s not just the furry carpets, shredded Amazon boxes and occasional spit ups that take away from all the effort we put into trying to keep our houses spotless, the rain-induced wet dog smell does a good job of that too.

When the rainy season hits, the pesky stench that we know all too well seems to infuse itself into pretty much every piece of furniture and sticks around until long after the Easter eggs are swept off the shelves.

So Wilko’s £2.50 dog perfume spray is here to cover up all of those unwanted whiffs from your four-legged friends and leave your house smelling less like a kennel.

Wilko Body Mist for Dogs

Wilko Body Mist for Dogs, £2.50, Wilko

Containing Aromaguard to really penetrate any pungent stinks, the gentle fragrance will get rid of any unwanted smells without leaving too strong a scent behind or being harmful towards your beloved pooch.

And for the steal of a price it’s definitely worth a try.

Works very well and is so easy to apply. Very good value,’ wrote one customer in a review, who seemed to be a fan of the product.

I've started to use on my 8 weeks old puppy who always messes up his bottom,’ commented another fan. ‘After properly cleaning his bottom the spray is a good choice to refresh his smell. He isn't smelly already :)’.

Others added, ‘really easy to use spray that has a large spread mist. smells great and last for a good 4-6 hours’, ‘Tried this for the first time and was really impressed’ and ‘Good value for money. The spray has a lovely fragrance’.

Now if only there was something to cover up all the living room mess...

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