This is the 'happy place' most people go to to escape stress

There's no two ways about it - life can, without doubt, be pretty stressful at times.

If it's not work woes getting you down, family life can also be busy and hectic, and sometimes, simply keeping up with everything you have to do each day can feel like an achievement.

So it's no surprise really that new research has revealed that four out of five of us has a 'happy place' they like to go to to escape the strains of life.

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A study commissioned by the Skipton Building Society, surveying 2,000 British adults, found that for many people, their happy place is somewhere simple, natural and local, where they can get away from any stresses they may have.

It was found that relaxing in the garden, walking in the countryside, and sitting in a local pub are some of Brits favourite places to wind down.

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On top of that, many of the people surveyed also agreed that luxuriating in a long, hot bath, getting in to bed with a cup of tea, or being on holiday, were their happy places.

In fact, many of the 'happy places' mentioned in the study were things you do solo, with people preferring to escape on their own than with other people.

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Lisa Davis, of Skipton Building Society, told The Independent, “While most people are happy with their lives in general, it’s natural for stress to build up. It’s really important to have somewhere you can escape to, be it physically or even mentally, to take your mind off the everyday and help you feel in a good place.’’

It was also found that women's happy places tended to be more associated with physical or artistic pursuits than mens, with women more likely to find their happy place at a yoga class than men.

So where is your happy place?

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