This Black Friday vitamin D deal can't be missed, especially as it may help in the fight against Covid-19

A Black Friday vitamin D deal is a guilt-free investment this winter, and here's why...

Black Friday Vitamin D deal
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Looking for a Black Friday vitamin D deal? This "sunshine vitamin" supplement is definitely having a moment in the spotlight right now. And this is why I've been looking around for one of the best Black Friday deals to make sure I can make a saving. Plus, I'm not sure about you, but when online shopping is also an investment for your health, it feels guilt-free. 

The reason why I take vitamin D in the winter months is because it's almost impossible to get enough via the sunshine in the UK. I know that I don't, because I spend most of my day at my computer. All you have to do is look out the window at 4.30pm to see how, now the clocks have changed, we're really lacking in sunlight.

But that's not the only reason this supplement is often hitting the headlines. During the first wave of Covid-19, studies suggested that vitamin D could even help fight coronavirus. Then in a review by the Academy of Medical Scientists in July, it was found that low levels of vitamin D may contribute to susceptibility of Covid-19. While scientists are still battling it out for the truth, I'm happy to take a daily dose if it helps keep my family and I that little bit safer.

This deal will save you 39%, but it's only available while stocks last so get in quick! See the full deal below…

Solgar Vitamin D3: £15.50 £9.53 (save 39%) | Amazon
Save £5.97

Solgar Vitamin D3: £15.50 £9.53 (save 39%) | Amazon
Save £5.97
Having been making supplements since 1947, Solgar are a great brand to choose when looking for good-quality vitamins. A premium buy, each easy-to-swallow tablet contains highly absorbable vitamin D – so it can get straight to work. Plus, the glass bottle is 100% recyclable, so a much better option for the environment, too. Simply take 1-2 tablets each day with a meal. With 180 tablets in each pack, one bottle will last several months.

Whatever happens with any Covid-19 claims in the future, vitamin D is known to have many other benefits already. Have a vegan in the family? Vitamin D is great for keeping bones and teeth healthy. Plus, it can support muscle function, ensure calcium is properly absorbed and boost immunity. All of which sound great to me!

So, while this may not be a huge saving in the short term, in the long term it can really give your health a boost. I will definitely be taking it until I can get the Covid-19 vaccine, and most probably beyond.

Here's to a healthier you!

Faye M Smith

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