Why food that ‘sparks joy’ could be the next big trend

Food sparks joy trend
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Cleaning guru Marie Kondo helped bring the term ‘sparking joy’ into our lives in terms of the way we organise our homes, encouraging us to only hold onto items that inspire this feeling.

And now it seems that this popular movement could be making its way across to our eating habits, according to the findings of a new report.

The Healthy Just Got Tasty report from Bite UKSnacks identified the 10 most important trend predictions in healthy snacks.

In at number 8 is healthy snacks that ‘spark joy’, ticking the boxes for both healthy eating and a feeling of happiness and contentment from the inside out.

They describe it in the following way, ‘Expect to see more products that feel like a virtual hug, snacks that are good for you, but give you a warm comforting emotion too.’

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On Instagram the #foodsparksjoy already has 125 posts with social media users sharing everything from images of avocado and chicken salads to a veg and fruit heavy weekly shop.

Over on Twitter users are also having a running conversation about food that sparks joy.

One wrote, 'Hot take? KonMari method but for food: Eat what sparks joy for you. Or whatever you can fold into neat squares.'

While a second added, 'Talk to me about food. What is the dish that sparks your joy? Mine is lasaña [sic] because I’ve no self control.'

A third continued, 'Cooking oxtails, rice and gravy and candy yams . Foods literally the only thing that sparks a little joy in my life at this point.'

Other key upcoming health snack trends identified by the report include innovative flavours for snacks, in at number 6.

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‘Expect to see brands experimenting with delicious flavour combinations to create stand-out and a strong flavour profile experience – more than likely to be a hybrid of traditional staples,’ the report authors write.

Number 7 in the listing also outlines that we're set to see those who follow specific diets ‘seek out and share new and innovative products which make their lives easier’. This, in turn, is expected to help bring these diets increasingly under the public’s radar.

The key claims in these specific diets, according to the report, are: high protein, high fibre, low fat, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and preservative free, plus no added sugar and no added salt.

Have you made the link between food choices and feelings?

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