Delicious gluten free desserts that everyone will love

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  • Gluten free desserts to indulge in, including gluten free chocolate torte, sweet potato brownies and berry iced yogurt

    Our gluten free desserts recipes make preparing a gluten free pudding really easy. If you’re looking for dessert recipes you can indulge in and are super impressive but easy to make, we’ve got plenty for you to try. From super-healthy yet creamy avocado chocolate mousse, to the show stopping chocolate and hazelnut mousse cake and strawberry mousse tart, we’ve got a gluten free dessert recipe to suit every occasion.

    Whether you have coeliac disease or you’re simply looking to avoid gluten for health reasons, you might struggle with finding a  gluten free desserts recipe, as many puds contain some level of gluten. For this reason, we’ve brought together our best gluten free dessert recipes for you to try, and you won’t be disappointed with the selection.

    If you’re looking to impress guests at your dinner party this weekend, try our chocolate orange cake – it brings together everyone’s favourite flavour combinations, orange and chocolate in a really delicious, light dessert. A super yummy gluten free desserts recipe!

    Or perhaps you might prefer another gluten free desserts recipe: flourless chocolate cake (pictured). The sweet chocolate is balanced out nicely by the crème fraiche and raspberries, which can sometimes be quite sharp. This is the perfect summer dessert recipe, as raspberries are in season during this time, so your summer barbecue will go off with a bit of a bang.

    For a quick, easy dessert to appease a sweet tooth, try our salt and sticky maple pineapple, which you can make in no time, or our espresso mousse with frangelico cream. The coffee in this recipe makes for a really grown up dessert, and despite the fact that it needs a little time to chill, it’s surprisingly quick and hassle-free to make. This is ideal for a mid-week dessert when you’re a bit stretched for time.

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