HBO's Victorian-era drama The Nevers is set to be like Bridgerton with a sci-fi twist

Tighten your corset and get ready for a new binge-worthy series

Ann Skelly and Laura Donnelly
(Image credit: Photograph by HBO / Keith Bernstein)

Pour yourself a cup of tea and get ready for a new Victorian-era drama that is like Bridgerton but with a sci-fi fantasy twist.

Bridgerton made one thing clear: people love period dramas. After gaining a massive following within its first month, Bridgerton proved that historical pieces are "in" this year so if you're searching for a new show to binge while you wait for season two, HBO is releasing a new thrilling Victorian-era drama called 'The Nevers,' starring Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly.

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Don't expect just courting and gossip though, this latest period piece also comes packed with fantasy and action. The newest full-length trailer gives a sneak peek at what to expect in this fantasy thriller. The six-part series takes place in Victorian London and will focus on a group of women known as the 'Touched' who acquire some unusual abilities after a mysterious supernatural event.

As these women try to adjust to their newfound powers, they must also figure out how to fit into a society that deems anyone 'different' as a problem. Those who are known to be 'Touched' are seen as a threat to local government and are discriminated against.

Laura and Ann's characters are two women set on pushing against the oppression and caste system that have made them outcasts. While the local government is set on controlling anyone labeled as 'Touched,' these two will use fists, words, and magic to help their kind.

Not all that are gifted with these powers are set on using them for good. While the main characters must protect themselves and their kind against the government, they also face the "Touched" who use their powers to wreak havoc.

For those eager to start the series, the wait is almost over! The series is set to air on April 11.

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