Smoked Salmon Starter Recipes

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  • Smoked salmon starter recipes are ideal for a dinner party or even for Christmas dinner, including smoked salmon on rye with caviar, mini smoked salmon pancakes and a smoked salmon tart

    Smoked salmon starters make easy but impressive first courses that are light enough to start a meal, but full of interesting flavours and textures. You’d be surprised the variety of ways you can prepare smoked salmon – it doesn’t always need to be served as it is, it can be cooked or baked too for a less traditional option.

    Our pick of salmon starter recipes make luxe options, from homemade beetroot and gin cured salmon that everyone can share to giant blinis with smoked salmon and caviar, which are quick and easy to make but never fail to impress guests. Or, if you happen to have more time to prepare, go for a smoked salmon tart or mini smoked salmon and chive frittatas, which both work with a fresh green salad.

    When it comes to smoked salmon the quality is key as quite often it’s served fairly simply and you’ll really get the flavour coming through in whatever starter you choose. Wild salmon will be a stronger, more meaty flavour while good quality farmed salmon will have a slightly more subtle taste to it. For a classic smoked salmon starter if you’re tight on time you could just slice up wheaten bread, top with butter and a little pile of salmon. Squeeze over plenty of fresh lemon juice and a good grind of black pepper and you’ll have a tasty beginning to your meal with hardly any work.

    Gin, pink Peppercorn and dill cured salmon (pictured) is a really fab way of making the most of some really trendy flavours right now. This is a really sophisticated dinner party starter and really brings out the flavour of the smoked salmon. Make this for friends and family and they’ll be really blown away.

    Many of these recipes can be made ahead so you can relax and enjoy your dinner party without being stuck in the kitchen or rushing back and forth to check on whatever you may have cooking. Use the best quality smoked salmon you can get for the best results, as the beauty of these recipes is their simplicity.

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