Recipes For Christmas Leftovers

Transform leftover Christmas turkey, ham, Christmas pudding, mince pies and more into new meals to feed a crowd with our easy recipes for Christmas leftovers

Christmas leftovers give you a feast to look forward to on Boxing Day. There’s nothing quite like getting up on Boxing Day knowing that you don’t have to do any real cooking.

It’s normal to have Christmas leftovers as it can be hard to plan exactly how much you need when you’re feeding more people than you’re used to, but putting them to good use means you get another day of meals sorted.

There’s more to Christmas leftovers than turkey sandwiches. Try some new and original ideas to make sure everything gets eaten, whether it’s transforming the roast turkey into a curry or stir-fry, making bubble and squeak from leftover roast trimmings or making a whole new dessert out of mince pies. Our Christmas leftovers recipes include ideas for leftover ham, duck, salmon and Christmas pudding as well as the usual turkey and trimmings. With these recipes, nothing will go in the bin!

Make sure leftovers are left to cool as quickly as possible before it they are wrapped with cling film and stored in the fridge, where they will keep for 2 days.

Hugh Fearnley-Whiitingstall has shared his nut satay turkey recipe, which is a fresh take on turkey leftovers – and a lot more interesting than a sandwich! Make a roast turkey into something more exotic with this Asian-inspired recipe that goes really well with a fresh, leafy green salad or even rice. Give your Christmas leftovers a bit of a shake-up with some of these super simple leftover recipes.

You have so many options to choose from when it comes to using up your Christmas leftovers. From a creamy risotto to use up leftover ham, to lighter salads for when you can’t handle another indulgent meal, we’ve got all the recipes you might need to use up your Christmas leftovers.

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