Coca Cola is changing its recipe and fans are ‘really worried’

Coca Cola has announced that they will be changing their recipe ‘to offer a broad portfolio of beverages’

Coca cola
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Coca Cola has announced they will be changing the recipe of their beloved product Coca Cola Zero Sugar and fans are less than impressed by the brand changing its flavour—again.

Coca cola announced on Twitter, “Announcing the new and improved Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar with an updated look and an even more delicious and refreshing taste. Learn more about how we’re continuing to meet the expectations of our consumers.”

Fans were immediately distraught and took to social media to share their disappointment. "Nooooo. It’s great as is," wrote one coke zero fan after hearing the news.

Another concerned Twitter user said, "Coke Zero Sugar was good & it’s pretty much the only soda I drink now. I have not tried the updated version & I’m really worried about it because it didn’t need to change. I really hope you didn’t ruin it and I will try it. Here’s hoping!" 

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So why has Coca Cola decided to change the flavour again? Coke Zero has actually had a few different labels and it's flavour has been changed and 'improved' by the brand only a few years ago.

Coca Cola Zero Sugar launched in 2005 and was met with huge success. However the brand changed the flavour and design of the brand in 2017. They said that this was "to bring its taste even closer to Coca‑Cola." 

So why after only four years are the brand deciding to change the product again?

A press release from Coca Cola says, "Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is rolling out an even more delicious and refreshing recipe—and bold new packaging—to deliver an even more iconic Coke taste." 

It appears that brands sole reason for updating this soda again is to attempt to get the flavour closer to the classic flavour and to deliver an 'even more iconic taste' which still seems pretty vague. 

Rafael Prandini, Coca-Cola TM Category Lead, North America Operating Unit, also commented on decision behind creating the new flavour.

“Recognizing that tastes and preferences are always evolving, we’re focused on continuous improvement to give fans the best-tasting Coca-Cola they want—with zero sugar or calories—offered in the most iconic packaging and powered by some of our most creative, consumer-centric marketing yet,” said Rafael.

Natalia Suarez, senior brand manager, Coca-Cola TM, North America Operating Unit added, “In order to continue to drive growth of our diets and lights category, we must keep challenging ourselves to innovate and differentiate just as other iconic brands have done. The consumer landscape is always changing, which means we must evolve to stay ahead.”

Although fans are apprehensive about this new flavour the product won't be launching globally just yet. Coca Cola announced that the new recipe, "starts hitting shelves this month in the United States, with full nationwide distribution in the US and Canada starting in August with full distribution in September."

So if you want to stock up on your Coke Zero before the flavour change, you may want to act quickly—by fall, they'll be extinct!

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