Low alcohol wines so you can enjoy a glass or two without a fuzzy head in the morning

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  • Our pick of low alcohol wines will help you through parties, weddings and any other occasion - on the plus, side low alcohol wines tend to contain fewer calories, so it's good for your waistline too.

    But what should you put in your glass? Low-cal, light and de-alcoholised wines are a booming sector of the market, yet the terms can be confusing. How low is low? How light is light? Even some de-alcoholised wines still contain a little alcohol.

    Our wine expert Tim Atkin advises us to choose wines that are naturally low alcohol wines, as opposed to manipulated ones.

    What he calls “real” wine varies in alcohol level, from 20% (for port) to 5.5% (for Moscato d’Asti). Most wines tend to have between 12-14% alcohol. Levels have crept up in recent years, partly because of climate change, but also because of a prevailing taste for softer, riper wines.

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    It takes a bit of work to track down low alcohol wines with less than 12% alcohol, but it can be done. Lighter reds are much rarer than comparable whites. Beware: the former can taste scrawny if they’re under-ripe. But pick the right wine and you don’t have to sacrifice flavour and drinking pleasure while you reduce your calorie and alcohol intake. To make it easier, we’ve found some that are deliciously light to make you feel a little more virtuous. Failing that, you can always dilute your favourite 14% alcohol wine with some water!

    First up, we recommend Peter Lehmann Riesling. Aussie Riesling is one of the most underrated wines in the world and this is a lip-smacking, dry example from a winery that never lets you down. The favours are dominated by notes of lime and wet stones with lots of breezy acidity. Zesty, crisp and tangy, this will age well too. Try it with a seafood salad. Available from Majestic for £8.99, 11%.

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