International foods favoured over traditional dishes by the British public

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  • We all love some of the great British classic meals - think fish and chips, a Sunday roast, or a delicious apple crumble.

    But while these likely still feature in our roster of weekly meals, according to a study, the British public now enjoy around eight meals a week from different, international cuisines.

    A study of 2,000 adults found that we Brits now tuck in to three meals a week from different cuisines, with the favourites being Chinese, Indian, and, of course, Italian food.

    Also proving popular are dishes such as American, Mexican and Thai – which shouldn’t be too surprising, considering how delicious these foods can be…

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    Findings from the study also included the fact that three in five diners reckoned they had “adventurous” tastes when it comes to the food they choose to eat.

    Also, a huge four in five of people surveyed explained that they always prefer authentic recipes and ingredients over faux versions of the stuff.

    British public favourite food, people toasting drinks over dinner

    So it’ll likely come as no surprise then that a huge amount of the 2,000 studied revealed that they found some of their favourite food or dishes whilst on holidays. After all, there’s no place better to discover your new favourite pasta dish than winding through the back-streets of Rome or Tuscany…

    Christina Honigfort, from New York Bakery Company, the place that comissioned the study, said that the research has shown how important authenticity is to Brits when it comes to their food.

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    She said, “Authenticity is at the heart of creating dishes that taste as good at home as they do in the country the recipes and cooking or baking methods originated in.

    “The research shows that Britons are passionate about this authenticity.”

    So which kind of food do you prefer? Your typical British fare – or are you more likely to branch out and try flavours from around the globe?

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