The Queen reveals the food she loves to help bring people together: 'It goes a long way'

The Queen

Given that she's the Queen, we probably wouldn't expect the monarch to enjoy tucking in to something we'd normally enjoy for a quick breakfast.

But it seems that Queen Elizabeth II is fully aware of the power of food for uniting people, as she revealed at a reception last night that a 'bit of toast and tea goes a long way' when it comes to bringing people together.

Her Majesty last night hosted a reception of multiple faith groups at Buckingham Palace, personally greeting at 160 guests.

The Queen

It was held in order to thank the different groups for their positive effect on local communities, and with the hope of forging new friendships across faiths.

During the evening, the Queen spoke to Anna Dyson, a mother, who is also Jewish, and runs a social enterprise cafe in Leeds called ToastLoveCoffee.

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The Daily Mail reported that Anna told them what the Queen said when she spoke with her. Anna said, "She said 'a bit of tea and toast can go a long way'. It's very British isn't it?"

We couldn't agree more!

The Queen

Of course, the monarch is famed for her love of tea, and recently, her former butler Grant Harrold revealed exactly which one she prefers for her morning cuppa - and it's apparently Earl Grey and Assam.

He also explained that she makes her cup by pouring the tea in first, then the milk - sharing the royals verdict on the age old debate of which goes in first.

He said, "I am sure the Queen enjoys her Assam or her Earl Grey the traditional way, made with tea leaves in a teapot and poured into a fine bone china teacup."

And when it comes to tea brands prefered by the Queen, Twinings has held a Royal Warrant for over 150 years now, supplying every successive monarch since 1837.