The best supportive sports bras to help you nail your workout

Wearing a good fitting sports bra when working out is extremely important for your breasts!
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  • The good news is the right sports bra can reduce bounce by up to 80 per cent – that's twice as much as a normal bra.

    Whether you are running, cycling, walking or attending a boot camp, you’ll need a sports bra that is supportive and comfortable.

    Making the effort to exercise can be difficult enough after a long day. With the added stress worrying about your sports bra letting you down can easily put you straight off the idea of working out.

    Some women feel so conscious, they have taken to wearing two bras whilst working out. This, we promise, is not the answer. The real solution? Invest in your breasts!

    Are sports bra good for sagging breasts?

    A good sports bra won’t cut into your breasts’ supportive tissue – the cooper’s ligaments, which stop your breasts from sagging.

    How do I choose a good sports bra?

    Make sure you are wearing the right size

    If you are opting for a non-wired sports bra the general rule of thumb is you should go up in the back size, and down in the cup size. For example, if you usually wear a 30E in your everyday wired bra, choose size 32DD for a non-wired sports bra.

    You can also get free expert fitting advice size from lingerie retailer Bravissimo, who has been successfully bra fitting over the phone for the last 25 years. All of the customer services team are experienced bra fitters who can provide bra fittings over the phone, by email, or via a live chat on the Bravissimo website. *The team are all currently working from home*.

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    The retailer has supported over 2000 big-boobed women via the live chat alone in the last month with bra fittings (from 13 years to 90 years old!) and the same amount over the phone. The fittings take anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes depending on your needs.

    Once you know your correct size, decide on the level of support you need. This will be dependent on your choice of activity. High-intensity exercise such as running or HIIT classes will require something suitable for high impact. If you’re a yoga bunny, you’ll want a lower impact bra that offers complete flexibility.

    If your weight changes the likelihood is you will need a new sports bra, so keep checking you are wearing the correct size with regular fittings.

    Decide between wired and non-wired bras

    An advantage of wearing a wired sports bra is that it gives you a more natural shape. Whereas a non-wired sports bra gives more of compression fit. Either or will not be ‘better’ for your breasts, it is complete personal choice.

    More tips to buy the perfect sports bra

    • Look out for breathable fabrics and moisture-wicking to help keep your skin cool.
    • Most of the support should come from the band around your ribcage and only a small amount of support from the straps.

    How do I know if my sports bra is too small?

    To test this at home, stand in front of the mirror whilst wearing your bra and lift your arms above your head. If the back band rises up, you are wearing a bra that is too big for you and not offering the correct support.

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