The Sports Bras To Boost Your Workout

Give your gym-time a boost with a sports bra that will make you look and feel fabulous - even mid-workout!

New year, new you right? A good majority of the population have vowed to exercise more this year – and we’re right there with you! But there’s one buy that’s a real necessity for women: the sports bra. 

Making the effort to drag yourself to the gym can be difficult enough after a long day, but worrying about your sports bra letting you down makes toning up even more of a struggle. Some women feel so conscious, in fact, that they have taken to wearing two bras while they workout. This, we promise, is not the answer. 

The real solution? Investing in the latest technology to minimise movement and protect the chest from premature sagging. Thanks to new designs and inventions (in lust-worthy styles, may we add) there’s no reason that any woman should have to step into the gym without the right support. 

So whether you’re a yoga bunny needing some light support or love the freedom of running outside but hate the pain it inflicts on your chest, there’s a buy out there for you. Start by getting a rough idea of your bra size with our guide, then get measured by a professional in-store. Then you’re ready to shop! Decide the support level you need and go from there. And the best part? You don’t even have to feel guilty – these gorgeous buys are a necessity! 

Ready to get started? Shop our pick of the best super-supportive and ultra stylish new sports bras around now and get ready to burn even more calories…

Once you’ve found the best fit for you, why not try it out at one of our favourite new exercise classes?