How to dress in your sixties: our top tips

Our fashion experts show you how to look stylish at 60, no matter your taste...

Remember – it’s all about attitude not age. This is an exciting and liberating time for women in their sixties.

For many, family duties and demands are beginning to ease a little, so make the most of it!

If you’ve never discovered your ‘signature style’, now’s the time. We think it’s time to start indulging in a little bit of what you fancy – so why not start with your wardrobe?

Dressing to flatter your body and express your personal style can make you feel young and confident, whatever your age.

Too old for trends? Never! One thing style in your sixties should never be is boring! Who’s to say you shouldn’t enjoy experimenting? It’s all about making it work for you, your body and your personal style.

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Prefer to blend into the background in black? You might be surprised to discover that a little colour and print could visibly strip back a few of those years you’re ever-so-slightly reluctant to own up to…

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So open your mind and prepare to be inspired as you click through our edit of the most fun, flattering and fabulous pieces to wear in your sixties this season, and every season…

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