This is where you can buy Villanelle's pop art pyjamas from Killing Eve

Killing Eve Where are Villanelle's pyjamas from?

It's all anyone's talking about at the moment - the launch of the second season of the dark humour thriller Killing Eve.

The show premiered on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Saturday night, and TV fans are able to either binge-watch it online, or catch each episode over the next few Saturday nights. But it seems there's one thing everyone's talking about from the first episode, and that's Jodie Comer's character, Villanelle's, pyjamas.

After a particularly dark scene, assassin Villanelle escaped from a hospital in a pair of too-small, pop art pyjamas, with the words 'bam', 'pow' and 'crash' on them.

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And of course, the terrifying character managed to pull them off perfectly - so much so, that she's got the nation wanting their very own pair.

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So, where are Villanelle's pyjamas from?

Well, it turns out that her PJ's aren't exactly available to buy very easily, per se.

The 'Cosmic Bubble' fabric is on sale at Funki Fabrics, an Altrincham-based wholesale fabric retailer - and have been crafted into the signature PJ's for Jodie's character. You can order some of the 'Cosmic Bubble Galaxy' fabric from £31.20 per metre, and the fabric can be printed on a variety of materials. So it's worth enquiring if you want some Villanelle style pyjamas!

"Our design team work hard to create an extensive range of prints suitable for many different purposes, it’s a great boost when something gets this type of exposure" saidHelen Kaitiff, Funkifabric's Sales Director.

Speaking to Elle, Killing Eve's costume designer Charlotte Mitchell explained how she put together the iconic look on Saturday night's episode.

She said, "Initially, they were going to be Spider-Man pyjamas - that’s how it was written in the script. But we realised very quickly that Spider-Man is heavily branded and we didn’t think Marvel was going to allow us to use him.

"We looked around for fabric and found this amazing comic book fabric, which was a stretchy Lycra, so I could make them tighter and tighter. I added the red trimming on the sleeves and trousers to really highlight the ends to show they are too short. It was actually quite tricky for a simple pair of pyjamas.”

Want to invest in some pop art pyjamas of your own?

Ok, so you may not be able to get you hands on an exact match, without picking up a needle and thread. But these high street alternatives are just as fun...


Princess Leia Pyjamas, £20,

Printed Pyjamas, £84, Dempsey + Dempsey

Marvel Comics Superhero Pyjamas, £14, Sainsburys

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