Killing Eve fans left shocked by this 'brutal' scene in season two premiere

Award-winning BBC drama Killing Eve has already shocked fans with a scene people are describing as ‘brutal’.

The first episode of series 2 aired on BBC One on Saturday, and one particular scene involving cold assassin Villanelle had fans tweeting their shocked reactions.

If you haven’t caught up yet, there are some major spoilers coming up so look away now if you want to see it for yourself first!

The episode sees Villanelle (Jodie Comer) tricking her way into a hospital, by dressing herself in kids’ pyjamas. Whilst there, she meets Gabriel, a young boy who was involved in a tragic car accident.

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Killing Eve

Gabriel had lost both his parents and his eye during the crash, and makes the mistake of revealing to Villanelle that he ‘wished he was dead’. What happened next shocked fans everywhere, as the assassin took his words literally and snapped his neck, killing him.

The clinical way in which Villanelle killed a child horrified viewers, with one user saying, “#killingeve #villanelle OMG! no momentum lost from last series. I literally screamed when I realised she was going to kill the young kid!! Roll on next week.”

Another agreed, “I don't think my heart has started yet after that. . . poor gabriel #KillingEve.”

“I keep wanting Villanelle to show a glimpse of humanity or have a heart, and I think she just might... then she breaks the kids neck 🙈 #Killingeve," said a third. Yeah, we definitely agree!

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Killing Eve

Someone even took to Twitter to admit that Villanelle was still her favourite character, despite the horrifying act: “How can Villanelle break a kid’s neck and still be my favourite character on tv history :// #KillingEve #Vilanelle.”

If you thought this was bad, Jodie Comer has hinted that her character becomes ‘more creative’ in the second season, so fans might be in for even more heart-stopping moments further down the line. Brace yourselves!

Killing Eve airs every Saturday on BBC One at 9:15pm, but the whole thing is available on iPlayer if you’re the kind of person who likes to binge-watch. We won’t judge, we’ll probably be joining you.

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