Ugg earmuffs Black Friday deal: The ultimate accessory that combines earphones and warmth is on sale

Those viral Ugg earmuffs you've seen all over TikTok are on sale for Black Friday!

Ugg earmuffs Black Friday
(Image credit: Ugg/Canva)

Those bluetooth Ugg earmuffs you've seen all over TikTok are on sale this Black Friday - get ready to listen to music while keeping your ears toasty warm this winter!

If you're seriously tempted to jump on board with the resurgence of the iconic Ugg boot this winter, there's plenty of Ugg Black Friday deals to browse right now. 

But if you've seen Ugg's answer to earphones all over TikTok, it's probably those genius Ugg earmuffs with wireless bluetooth connection that you're wanting to get your mitts on as the chilly weather draws in. 

Ugg Sheepskin Bluetooth Earmuff: £84.99 (opens in new tab)

Ugg Sheepskin Bluetooth Earmuff: £84.99 £95 | Ugg (opens in new tab)

This Ugg earmuffs Black Friday deal means you can snap up the viral accessory that's selling fast with a discounted price tag. The sheepskin earmuffs with built in wireless headphones are perfect for keeping warm while listening to your favorite tunes or podcast this winter. 

Ugg Sheepskin Embroidery Earmuff: £75 (opens in new tab)

Ugg Sheepskin Embroidery Earmuff: £75 £66.99 | Ugg (opens in new tab)

If you want to enjoy the warmth and super cute look of Ugg earmuffs without the musical aspect, you can purchase them without the wireless bluetooth feature for an old school earmuff option. 

The ultra cozy Ugg earmuffs have taken TikTok by storm, with hundreds of users swooning over the must-have chilly day accessory of the year. 

They're made of toasty sheepskin, are water resistant and are available in both black and grey.

If your For You Page has been flooded with Ugg earmuff temptation, now might just be the time to indulge.

Simply connect the bluetooth on your phone or music device to the earmuffs and your winter dog walks, chilly day hikes and outdoorsy trips will be enhanced by the coziest earphones we've ever seen. 

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If it's Ugg slippers you're after, there's plenty of cozy Black Friday discounts available on those, too. 

From the classic Scuffettes to the funky Fluff Yeah sliders, there's deals on slippers priced as cheaply as £30 this Black Friday weekend. 

Ugg Slipper Black Friday Deals

Ugg Fluff Yeah Logo Slide: £100 (opens in new tab)

Ugg Fluff Yeah Logo Slide: £100 £30 | Ugg (opens in new tab)

The Ugg Fluff Yeah Logo Slides have been slashed in price by a seriously generous amount, having being reduced to a very impressive £30 from £100. There's Ash Fog, Pink Rose, Shade and Fawn to choose from when it comes to the color range and the slider with branded sling-back style provides an edgy twist on the iconic sheepskin Ugg slipper.

Ugg Scuffette II Slipper: £85 (opens in new tab)

Ugg Scuffette II Slipper: £85 £67.99 | Ugg (opens in new tab)

Available with a discount on five colors, the Ugg Scuffette II Slippers are the classic sheepskin slippers you need to keep your feet warm and looking stylish all the way through the winter months. With a stunning suede outer and sheepskin lining and collar, they're discounted to under £70 this Black Friday.

Ugg Scuff Sis Slipper: £90 (opens in new tab)

Ugg Scuff Sis Slipper: £90 £71.99 | Ugg (opens in new tab)

The Ugg Scuff Sis Slippers are a fluffier take on the classic Scuffette, with an esperanza sheepskin collar and comfy suede outer. They're available with a discount in Purple Ruby, Rose Grey and Sand right now.