The three essentials Trinny Woodall says you need in a perfect summer wardrobe

Lockdown doesn't mean we can't perfect our wardrobes!
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  • Fashion expert Trinny Woodall has revealed the three must-have items for a perfect summer wardrobe.

    The styling icon made an appearance on This Morning this week, live via video link from her gorgeously arranged walk-in wardrobe.

    Revealing her top tips for clearing out a clothes collection bogged down with never-worn pieces, Trinny explained it’s vital to be brutal when it comes to culling unloved items.

    The fashionista insisted that garments in an unflattering print or colour need to go, as well as ones you’ve been telling yourself you’ll fit into “one day” for a long time now.

    Trinny also reckons there’s no point hanging onto that outfit you wore once for a big event then never touched again.

    So, what are the essential staples for the perfect summer wardrobe?

    According to Trinny, there are three must-haves.

    One is a special occasion dress that you love and feel great in every time you wear it.

    The second is a dress in your best colour that leaves you feeling confident that it’s complimenting your complexion.

    And the third is a pair of simple white trousers, that don’t highlight any unflattering bits!

    If your wardrobe is missing any (or all) of these key pieces, we’re here to help.

    We’ve had a scour of the web to find some gorgeous items that fit Trinny’s requirements, so that rewiring your summer style is as easy as clicking “add to basket”.