Customers are going crazy for these Marks & Spencer heels that look *just* like a Chanel classic

Spending hundreds of pounds on a pair of shoes might be an occasional treat for some. But, for plenty of shoppers, it's not feasible to drop that amount of money every time you want a stylish, new-season fashion buy.

Which is why the news that Marks & Spencer are selling some gorgeous Chanel lookalike shoes is likely to make your day!

The high-street favourite recently launched a pair of elegant slingback heels that look just like the designer’s own iconic version of the shoes.

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The similarities are clear to see – the same black point toe and the classic nude shade, as well as the strap detail and the heel height, which is almost identical.

(Chanel shoes)

But of course the one obvious difference is the price. According to Glamour, Chanel’s original slingbacks usually sell for £650, while M&S’s version is priced at just £39.50. That’s a huge £600 price difference – money that could definitely be put towards even more pairs of shoes, right?

(Marks & Spencer shoes)

Unfortunately, however, the Marks and Spencer heels have proven so popular with customers that they’ve been flying off the shelves, and are now only available in a size 6 and a 6 and a a half. So if you’re lucky enough that that’s your size, add them to your shopping basket ASAP!

And for all those shoppers who missed out, never fear, as there’s a navy black pair of the shoes on sale too.

They may not share the same colour combo as the Chanel heels, but they’re still a very similar design, and the neutral colour means they’d work with almost any outfit. You can buy them here.

Like many of M&S’s shoes, they’re also made with handy Insolia technology, meaning they’ll be the comfiest pair of heels in your wardrobe.

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Now all we need is some high-street Louboutin lookalikes…