Kate Middleton's trusty New Balance trainers have got us shopping their sale for January workout shoes

These might just be our new favourite trainers - but we aren't the only ones who love them

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If you're in the market for a new pair of trainers, Kate Middleton's trusty New Balances might just be the perfect fit for winter 2024. 

Kate Middleton is known to have great taste in shoes. She also is quite a loyalist when it comes to the footwear she chooses - she typically opts for the same brands over and over again, such as Emmy London for pumps, or her lululemon Chargefeel trainers for a blitz of strenuous exercise. 

However, there's another popular brand that the Princess of Wales tends to gravitate toward, and it's a specifically trending footwear brand at the moment: New Balance.

Although the activewear brand has been around for decades, their sneakers have been particularly trendy within the past few years - partially thanks to Kate Middleton's usage of them, no doubt. 

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In fact, Kate doesn't just own one pair of New Balance trainers - she's had multiple over the years, varying in styles and colours - proving that she's a true loyalist to the brand. 

Perhaps her most notable pair are her New Balance Vazee Transform Trainers, pictured in the image above. She also has worn a pair of light grey trainers from New Balance, as well as a lovely navy blue pair (pictured below) in years previous. 

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Although the specific Vazee trainers are no longer available for purchase, we found a handful of similar styles to Kate's New Balances that we think will suit your workout fancy for 2024. 

Oh and did we mention? - they're on a major sale right now. So it goes without saying: shop them while they're still available. 

Shop Kate Middleton's trusty New Balance trainers on sale

New Balance shoes promise a lightweight design that is equal parts stylish and effective - not only will they look cute with any errand-running or workout outfit you pair them with, but they'll also provide a comfortable sole that will keep you energized and support all day long. No wonder the Princess loves them so!

She's not the only person who loves a pair of New Balances, as high street retailers like ASOS, Next, and Free People have been adding the trainers to their rosters. Even popular designer Miu Miu partnered with New Balance for a collaboration - so did you need any further convincing?

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