Do you know what ASOS stands for? People are only just finding out and they're shocked

Ever wondered what ASOS stands for?

what ASOS stands for
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People on the internet are learning what ASOS stands for and they're shocked by the meaning behind the name. 

Most of us know ASOS purely as a go-to online shopping giant that sells just about anything when it comes to fashion, providing us with those black and white packages of joy that arrive on our door steps with super speedy next day delivery. 

If you're a die-hard ASOS shopper who could spend hours scrolling through the 'new in' section and adding things to your basket, you might be surprised to discover the meaning behind the name. Or maybe you're familiar with the ASOS origin story and know exactly what it stands for. 

what ASOS stands for

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The information that ASOS is an acronym that explains exactly what the site was for when it first arrived on the world wide web is leaving some fashion fanatics bewildered on social media. 

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What does ASOS stand for? 

ASOS actually stands for As Seen On Screen. Yep, when ASOS was originally founded in 2000, its sole focus was providing the world with clothes or lookalikes of items worn by celebrities on TV and in movies to create the ultimate pit stop for A-list style stealing. 

Having become one of the most famous online shopping destinations in the world over the past two decades and totally moving away from its initial format, it's no shock that plenty of the younger generation have no clue about ASOS's As Seen On Screen roots. 

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"Today I found out that the full meaning of ASOS is As Seen On Screen. I never imagined that ASOS was an acronym," one Twitter penned on the social media platform. 

Meanwhile, another wrote, "You're telling me that ASOS stands for as seen on screen?!?!"

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Another took to social media to declare that she's old enough to remember the As Seen On Screen days, reminiscing on how different ASOS was back then. 

Recalling that even probs from TV and film were on offer on ASOS, the Twitter user wrote, "I am so many years old that I remember when was 'As Seen On Screen' and you could buy things like jeans 'in the style of Cameron Diaz' and the door peeper frame in Friends or the webcam from American Pie. Anyone else?"

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