The 18 best Christmas sweaters for dogs for the 2022 holiday season

Our guide to the cutest Christmas sweaters for dogs that'll keep your pup stylish and warm through the holiday

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Our edit of the cutest Christmas sweaters for dogs will keep your fur baby cozy and warm this Christmas. From fleece to sparkles to candy cane designs, there's a style you and your pup will love.

Our furry friends deserve to be included in the holiday family fun with the best matching Christmas jumpers and the annual Christmas card photoshoot. To make things easier and save you time, we've compiled a list of the cutest Christmas sweaters you can spoil your dog with this holiday. 

Whether you have something glittery and over the top in mind or simple and cozy, there's a style for your pup, no matter their size. And if you aren't sure how long your dog should wear their new festive sweater, no worries. We spoke to a veterinarian who shared all the details on keeping your fur baby safe, warm, and stylish. 

Best Christmas sweaters for dogs in 2022

Christmas sweaters for small dogs

Christmas sweaters for medium-sized dogs

Christmas sweaters for large-sized dogs

Is it okay to put a sweater on your dog? Here's what the experts say

Although the festive dog sweaters are adorable, warm and ultra cozy, it's important to keep in mind how long your pup should be wearing their new Christmas sweater and if there are any other precautions to look out for. Veterinarian and founder of DOG, Dr. Lisa says it's perfectly fine to dress your dog in a sweater, but only during cold months. 

"Avoid using sweaters on dogs during the warmer months as this can lead to overheating," Dr. Chimes said. 

Dr. Chimes says she prefers materials like wool, cotton, or bamboo as they're the most breathable. She also recommends dressing your pup in a waterproof outer layer if they'll be venturing out in the rain or snow.

How long should you leave a sweater on a dog?

The general consensus from experts is that you shouldn't leave a sweater on a dog for more than 4-8 hours. If the sweater covers most of their body or is uncomfortable in any way, they should wear it for less time.

"It's always a good idea to take the sweater off at least once a day so that you can check the skin and make sure there are no areas of abrasion, redness, or hair loss from the friction of the sweater," adds Dr.Chimes. 

Not only should you remove the sweater and check your pup's skin daily, Dr. Chimes also says it's important to wash the sweater every day or two to minimize odors and reduce the risk of infection. 

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