The Best Foundation For Oily Skin: The W&H Edit

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    If you have oily or combination skin, it can be difficult to find a foundation that does the job well. Too much oil or liquid in the formula and it’s slipped by lunchtime, while powder-based formulations often run the risk of looking cakey.

    There are many factors that cause oily skin and that’s why it is particularly difficult to control and to find the right foundation. Oily skin can be hormonal or hereditary and is often worsened by physical and emotional stress. Whatever the cause – don’t fear – it IS possible to control oily skin topically by adopting a strict skincare regime and using a foundation designed especially for oily skin.

    Experts advise sufferers of oily skin to avoid harsh, abrasive scrubs however tempting it might be to try a more aggressive attitude. While scrubbing ferociously and using products that dry out your skin may seem intuitive, long term they will only exacerbate the condition. Instead, try treating your skin gently; using softer, water-based products like micellars to remove make up and cleanse the skin is the best solution.

    When it comes to cosmetics and foundations for oily skin, avoid crème based foundations and blushers, as they will create oily residue and contribute to greasy pores. Instead, opt for powder based or oil free foundations that allow your oily skin to breathe, finding one that strikes the right balance of moisture to soothe skin while minimising oily residue.

    Here, we have rounded up our favourite foundations that do just, without the cakey, suffocating coverage we fear with shine-proof bases. From liquid foundations that balance oil to mattifying powders, there’s something for everyone, whatever your price range or problem area.

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