30 simple 4th of July nail designs that are perfectly on trend for 2023

These simple 4th of July nail designs will work on both short and long nails and are easy enough for you to try at home

A composite image of three different simple 4th of July nail designs by Bellacures
(Image credit: Bellacures / Canva)

These simple 4th of July nail designs are suitably patriotic but don't require you to give up your day job to master complicated nail art skills if you want to give them a go. They're all easy enough for you to try at home if you've got a trio of red, white, and blue nail varnishes to hand.

Many on-trend nail designs can be given a 4th of July spin, including the ever-popular ring finger manicure, where one nail on each hand stands out from the crowd with a contrasting design or shade. Negative space nails and French tips are another two of the biggest nail trends for 2023, and both are easily adaptable for July 4th with star-spangled-banner-inspired accents. 

The best nail designs for short nails tend to be the simplest, whereas there’s a little more space to play with when your nails are longer. You could even go the extra mile and pick up some 4th July-themed pedicure ideas too – your Birkenstocks won’t know what’s hit them!

30 simple 4th of July nail designs to try in 2023

1. Half and half

This hybrid nail design is flying the flag for, well the entire American flag. The plain red is easy enough to master, and we'd recommend using star-shaped stickers (like these ones on Amazon) to get this effect on the blue. Or, if you're feeling arty, you could use white nail polish and an old (clean) eyeliner brush for the stars. 

2. Graphic lines

This nail look is simple yet effective, and easier to master than you might think. Start by painting your entire nail white, and then leave it to dry before roughly painting the other side of your nail blue. Once that's dried too, you can either use narrow strips of red nail sticker or a line of polish to neaten up the join. 

3. Statement spots

Clean, nude nails remain a big trend, and topping them with some teeny tiny dots will add interest without going over the top. Create the look at home by dotting a combination of red, blue, white, and silver onto the nail using the pointy end of a cuticle stick. Easy. 

4. Big apple red

Nothing says "I've got my life in order" quite like a red manicure. It's the nail equivalent of power dressing, and ideally, you want it to be as glossy as possible. A classic take on simple 4th July nails. 

5. Ring finger

A hand with simple 4th of July nail designs holding on to two red white and blue lollies.

(Image credit: Bellacures)

This simple 4th of July nail design with solid red and blue nails with silver star accents comes from luxury nail salon Bellacures.

The beauty of this design is that it works on short, natural nails just as well as it does on long, acrylic-enhanced talons. Paint your nails red, leaving the ring finger bare, before painting it blue at the end and adding a trio of stars. 

6. American tips

A patriotic take on the chic French tips style, the classic white strip is in good company with added red and blue. If your nails are too short, flip the look upside down and add a curved band of color across your cuticles instead. 

7. Blue chrome

Since the arrival of the glazed nails trend (thanks Hailey Bieber) high-shine chrome nails are having a real moment. They're less messy to achieve in the salon than at home, but if you did want to try it for yourself, use a sponge to apply chrome powder over your ready-painted blue nails and finish with a top coat. 

8. Negative space

Red, white and blue negative space nails

(Image credit: Bellacures)

What we love about this negative space nail design from luxury nail salon Bellacures is that there's no right or wrong way to try it. Try it for yourself by adding as many (or as few) color combinations as you like. Want your mani to last way beyond your celebrations? Don't draw too close to the cuticle so you can't see the nail growth as clearly. 

9. Shooting stars

A simple 4th July nail design that would also work as a Christmas nail design too. Stars like these can take a little practice to master, but it's worth it for the end result - or you can buy some glitter star nail art stickers (like these from Amazon) to make this 4th of July nail design simpler. 

10. Trio tips

Simple 4th of July nail designs by Bellacures

(Image credit: Bellacures)

The layers of color combined with the slight sloping swoosh of the white give these nails an abstract feel that's very fresh. It works really nicely here in these nails by Bellacures on neat square nails. 

11. French red

Looking for something that's subtly patriotic? This chic manicure is a great option. Follow their lead by painting the nails on your ring fingers red and opting for a negative space manicure on the others with red tips. 

12. Star spangled

This slightly paler shade of blue isn't quite as obvious as the traditional deeper blue on the flag, which makes it feel more summer appropriate. The longer your nails, the bigger you can go with the stars.

13. Odd one out

One of the most inclusive simple 4th July nails designs on this list – if you can paint your nails then you can create this look. If you prefer a red mani, flip it with four red nails and just one blue. 

14. Star and banner

A glossy nude base is the perfect starting point here, creating a nice healthy-looking canvas for adding blue and red stripes and topping with stars. A good one for long, rounded nails. 

15. Subtle shading

We like to think of this nail art as little sprinkles of confetti on the edge of each nail. You can alternate the colors, like in this picture, or stick to just one shade. 

16.Glazed donut

Loyal to your off-white manicure? You probably don't want to move too far away from your habit of a lifetime for your simple 4th July nails. For a quick win, adding a glazed topper (like this Zoya Nail Polish Leia) will make them feel instantly fancier. 

17. Alternating tips

All you need for this look is three nail polish shades (red, white and blue – obviously) and a relatively steady hand. Use the side of your nail polish brush to create the line at the top – or you could use a stencil (these stencils are less than $4 on Amazon).

18. Gold star

A manicure that will get you a gold star for effort, and is easy-peasy to create with the help of a page of gold star nail stickers like these on Amazon. Just remember to top them with a layer of clear polish to stop them from peeling off (we love the classic O.P.I Top Coat here).

19. Throwing shapes

simple 4th of July nail designs by Bellacures

(Image credit: Bellacures)

Angular designs are a nice way to add an edge to the softness of a rounded nail. For a simple 4th of July nail design, just try doing nail art on one nail and keep the rest of your nails one color. 

To copy this look at home, we'd recommend starting with the white first using the brush that comes with your nail polish, before layering on the red and blue strokes with a smaller, more tapered brush. 

20. All white

Fresh, clean, and crisp, a white manicure will look especially good with your summer tan. It'll really make your nail shape stand out, so don't be afraid to go a bit bolder with your nail shape - try a sharp square or pointed coffin. 

21. Best of both

Can't decide between a plain shade or a bit of nail art? We love the idea of going for a completely different look on each hand. If you're really feeling in the 4th July spirit, swap the coral base for white and the sky blue shade for a deeper navy. 

22. Color pop

Another ring finger mani, this time with classic white on four fingers and a pop of star-covered color on one. If you're layering the stars, allow one shade to dry before moving on to the next. 

23. Beyond French

Ok, so we've already seen red tips, and now we're taking it even further with stars at the edge of each. Great for nail-art novices, these four-point stars are far easier to get right than a five-point. 

24. Summer swirls

These swirly nails are definitely going to get you in the holiday mood as you put your Independence Day Out Of Office on. We like the way they've placed the two most detailed nails side-by-side, but you could alternate across your fingers too. 

25. Star stamps

Short on time? No problem. These simple 4th July nails are super easy. Don't be too precious or too precise about the placement or shape of your stars, they look better if they vary from nail to nail. 

26. Ombre effect

Confused about how to do ombre nails like these? The best approach is to apply one color all over, and then use a cosmetics sponge to add and build the second. Once you're happy with how it looks, use a top coat to seal.

27. Subtle stars

The teeniest tiniest stars make for elegant nail art this 4th July. We love how they've not placed them in the same spot on each nail for a more relaxed feel.

28. Glitter star

One way to do simple 4th July nails is to focus pretty much all your time and attention on just two fingers. This ring finger manicure features deep blue glitter nails topped with a statement white star, making for a cool contrast against classic red. 

29. Fancy foils

These simple 4th July nails look far more complicated than they actually are. All you need to do is press on little sections of nail foil where you want them and top with a glossy top coat. Don't stress about being uniform – they look best when they're slightly undone. 

30. Sophisticated stars

If you really want to max out your mani, concentrate the bulk of your nail art as close to the tip as possible. This French tip and star-lined manicure won't grow out in a hurry, so you can enjoy it for longer. 

What do you need to do your own 4th July nails at home?

If you're feeling inspired enough to create your very own simple 4th July nails at home then you'll need the following: 

  • Nail file: Making sure the edges of your nails are nice and smooth will help reduce the risk of them snagging and breaking and a nail file is essential for getting the right nail shape.
  • Cuticle sticks: These can obviously be used in the way in which they were intended to push back overgrown cuticles that might infringe on your nail design, but also as a nail art tool. The sloped side is great for swooshes while the pointed end is perfect for adding dots.
  • Small brush: A small brush with a fine tip will make creating patterns and shapes on your nails simple. You could use a makeup brush, a paintbrush, or even an old eyeliner brush.
  • Base coat: Bold and deep shades are key culprits behind stained nails, and both blue and red definitely slot into that category. To protect your nails, apply a layer of base coat first before moving on to color. If your nails are brittle or fragile, look for a strengthening or nourishing formula to enhance them. 
  • Red, white, and blue nail polish: For any simple 4th July nails design you’re going to need at least one of these. For a traditional finish, use the flag for guidance and go as close as you possibly can with the color match. Alternatively, you could expand the color palette a little bit to make it more summery by swapping dark blues for lighter ones and classic red to more of a coral or pinky tone. 
  • Top coat: The most frustrating thing about painting your nails is when they chip the very next day. To make sure your mani lasts for as long as possible, and that it’s as glossy as possible, finish your simple 4th July nails with a slick of top coat. If you’re using gems, stickers, or transfers, this will help to seal them in place too. 
  • Stickers: Nail stickers and transfers take all of the fiddliness out of creating your own designs with polish. Anything involving stars or stripes is our top pick for 4th July. 
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