Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist review: Does the viral product live up to the hype?

Our beauty writer put the Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist to the test and this is what she really thought

Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist review: bottle on a light purple background
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Woman & Home Verdict

Another impressive launch from Olaplex, this volumising spray does exactly what it says on the tin. Our new go-to for heat protection and noticable volume, it is bound to join the ranks of cult hair buys.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Gives hair noticable thickness and volume

  • +

    Very easy to use and incorporate into your routine

  • +

    Well priced for the benefits it offers

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    May be slightly drying on some hair types

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Writing an Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist review is something I've been eager to do for a while. As someone with bleach-damaged and very dry hair, Olaplex products have been my saving grace for years - so I was more than ready to test out a styling product from the brand.

The best heat protection sprays aren't the easiest thing to come across and finding a heat protectant that also rivals the best hair styling products is even trickier. That was until Olaplex launched the brand-new blow dry mist. Promising to repair hair, cut blow drying time, and protect it from heat whilst simultaneously adding volume and shine, it seems to be a product that can do it all for the price of £28/$30.

But is it too good to be true? I had to put the Volumising Blow Dry Mist to the test. Making some of the best vegan shampoo and conditioner as well as revolutionary bond builders for hair, I was ready to be wowed by Olaplex again. Using it as directed by spritzing onto damp hair and blow drying with a round brush, I was looking for a noticeable change in my hair that I wouldn't find with blow drying alone. After trialling, these are my honest thoughts.

Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist review: our honest thoughts 

Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist packaging

Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist on a white sheet background

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This product is packaged pretty much as you would expect - with a sleek white bottle that fits in perfectly with the rest of the Olaplex range, it will sit pretty in your bedroom or bathroom. In a decent 150ml size, I found that about 7 spritzes was enough to properly coat my long and thick hair and I could definitely have got away with using even less. Thanks to the misting nozzle, it felt as though minimal product was used, so I can imagine this lasting you a good while - especially if you have short or fine hair. 

The blow dry mist has a spray lid that is not at all stiff or difficult to use, causing no over-saturation or added wetness that could interfere with styling. If you know how to use sea salt spray or have used similar hair mist products such as hairspray or dry shampoo for oily hair, the experience is pretty comparable. 

Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist ingredients

Due to the unique bond-building technology that Olaplex uses, the ingredients in each product are quite complex. The Volumising Blow Dry Mist is no exception. I have now used so many Olaplex products that I can be sure it works well for my hair, so the ingredients in this mist weren't my priority when testing. However, it does boast a series of powerful properties. With heat protection up to 232 degrees celsius, plus technology to prevent frizz, cut drying time and add volume to wet or dry hair, it promises a lot. 

Made with pea peptides, which are said to provide volume, moisture and strength to the hair, this product is also cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, paraben-free, phosphate-free and phthalate free - quite the lineup. Achieving bouncy styles like 90s blowout hair is all about volume and shine that won't budge throughout the day, and these properties can help to achieve that look without damaging or compromising the hair whilst styling.

Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist performance

composite of before and after using the olaplex blow dry mist

Amelia before using the Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist (left) and after applying and blow drying (right).

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While packaging and ingredients do always play a part in how I feel about a product, the most important thing is undoubtedly how it performs. Expecting big things, I used the Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist after washing and towel drying my hair, as recommended, and prepared to be impressed.

The first thing I noticed after spraying is that the mist gave my damp hair a slightly matte feeling. My strands lost some of their slippery texture that was left over from conditioning and it was obvious to the touch that I had product in my hair. However, it did not feel at all heavy on my head, so I hoped that after it had settled in and dried that the matte texture would disappear.

I first rough dried and then followed up with a round hair dryer brush to get extra lift at the roots and achieve a bouncier finish. Olaplex promises that this product will speed up blow drying time and I certainly found that to be true. A rough dry that would usually take half an hour took about ten minutes - a true miracle for my thick hair. After the initial blow dry I did find that my hair was no longer matte, but it did feel ever so slightly drier at the very ends than it would have usually. For that reason, those with extremely dry or brittle hair may want to use this product sparingly or just on the roots to avoid any unnecessary crunch but still get some lift. 

After fully drying my hair, the results really impressed me. Not only did my hair appear significantly more volumised than it would usually be, but it also had a gorgeous shine that I am not used to seeing, indicating the health of my hair even after using my drier on its hottest setting. If you've been debating air drying vs blow drying because you don't want to damage your hair with heat, this product will eradicate that fear. 

To add a bit of hydration back into my ends I followed up with the Olaplex hair oil and didn't add any further products. After sleeping, going into the office on a sweaty tube and walking around in the humid air, my hair showed no signs of deflating or frizzing. My colleagues thought I had been to the salon, which told me everything I needed to know about the performance of this product. If you need a product to help to create easy summer hairstyles, this will give you both phenomenal results and impressive lasting power. 

Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist final verdict

I have never been the biggest fan of heat protectant or styling sprays, as both tend to leave a gritty texture in my hair or make it look even more dry than it is. The Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist has completely changed my perception. Giving me expensive looking hair with nothing more than a few spritzes and a rough dry, it couldn't be easier.

After using this product a couple of times, I do think it's worth every penny of the £28/$30 price tag. Given the amount of benefits you get in one product, I think it's extremely reasonable for a decently sized 150ml bottle that I expect will last me a while. 

The only thing keeping me from making this a full five-star review is the slightly matte texture it gave my hair, making it ever so slightly dry on the very ends. But apart from that, it really couldn't have impressed me more. My new go-to hair product for humidity, heat protection, and a bouncy blow dry, this will be joining the ranks with my other coveted Olaplex products.


Olaplex Volumising Blow Dry Mist | RRP: £28/$30

A perfect product for anyone looking to protect their hair from heat whilst also adding lift, shine and preventing frizz, this is a styling staple.

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