Olaplex has launched its most strengthening at-home treatment yet

Olaplex Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment is what your hair has been waiting for

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When it comes to hair, we all know that bleaching is just about one of the worst things you can do. Making sure you have the best hair dryer for damage limitation and always use heat protector before styling can really help, but if your hair is feeling dry and damaged, it may need an extra moisture boost.

The longterm effects of bleach on our tresses are far-reaching. Which is why with every dye job – be it at home or (preferably) in the salon – we have to make sure we're giving our hair the right aftercare to prevent breakage and damage.

Enter Olaplex: the celebrity-loved haircare brand that does one of the best strengthening and bonding treatments going (although as our K18 vs Olaplex face-off reveals, it may just have a rival - and for even more on that, see our beauty editor's K18 review)

Olaplex has been on the haircare scene for a while now, but that brand has just launched it's best-ever treatment kit - Olaplex No.0.

How does Olaplex work?

The brand's game-changing haircare technology works to revive dry, damaged hair by reconnecting broken bonds deep within the hair shaft which break as a result of dyeing and over styling - damage that can occur even with the best hair straighteners.

So potent were they that Olaplex products were initially launched as in-salon treatments only. But when the brand released its first at-home bond-building treatment, No.3 Hair Perfector, it instantly became a haircare saviour. 

Now Olaplex have launched their most potent product yet: No.0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment.

And given that we're in the full swing of balayage and bleaching season, the timing of its release couldn't be better.

Olaplex intensive bond builder treatment

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How do I use Olaplex's No.0 treatment?

First apply the No.0 to dry, brushed hair, allowing the treatment to sit in hair for at least 10 minutes. There's no need to rinse the product from your hair: just follow it immediately with No. 3 Hair Perfector. Use a comb to work the product through your hair if needed.

Use the two-step treatment at least once in three washes, and you'll start to see the difference in no time.

While each product can be used on its own, the brand estimates that using them in conjunction will lead to 68 per cent more repair against chemical, thermal, mechanical or environmental damage. Plus, they're being sold as a pair as part of a limited edition kit – so it's easy to just whack them both on at once.

We'd recommend putting in an order soon, though – something tells us this one's going to sellout fast.

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