Mary Berry Reveals Her £4.99 Simple, Budget Skincare Secret

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Looking at Mary Berry, it's hard to believe that she is in fact 82 years old. The former Great British Bake Off judge is as hard-working as ever, and her smooth, bright complexion is reflective of someone many years her junior.

There's no denying that the popular TV host looks looks amazing for her age, and it seems that her relaxed approach to ageing plays a part in helping her out.

Speaking to the Times Magazine, she revealed that she's never had any plastic surgery to help roll back the years, confessing, "No facelifts, nothing. No [botox] I've got wrinkles, That's what happens when you get older. It doesn't worry me."

But the baking professional did reveal that she relies on one simply budget beauty buy to take care of her skin as she gets older - and it's super affordable.

Continuing, she admitted, "I use E45 from a big bottle."

Yes - the very same beauty staple that's been sitting in your cupboard for as long as you can remember. And the best part is, the simple skincare purchase sells for just £4.99 in Boots for a 200ml bottle.

Buy E45 Moisturising Lotion from Boots, for £4.99 here

The light, unperfumed product is hailed for being gentle on skin, so it's fine to use on sensitive skin. It's also ideal for use all over your body - including your face.

So how else does Mary maintain her youthful looks? Well it appears that whilst she's keen to take care of the outside, she's also very careful with what she puts in her body too, to keep her feeling her best.

In the interview, Mary confessed that she'd never indulged in a takeaway pizza or Chinese before - which, given that it's Mary Berry, isn't too surprising.

She said, "I've never had a takeaway. I'd have to go and fetch it!"

But she did admit that, when she's feeling a little lazy, she'll often treat herself to a Marks & Spencer ready meal.

"But I will go into M&S on my way home and buy a £10 meal. That to me is more fun than a takeaway."

A woman after our own heart...

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