Make-up artist to the royals reveals affordable beauty secret for battling shine

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The days of attempting to defeat the dreaded ‘shiny face’ may be behind us, as Princess Eugenie’s wedding make-up artist reveals her favourite product for combatting shine.

Trying to get rid of shine is a frustrating problem to deal with. We all want to look freshly pampered, but that’s not easy after a long day at work or a vigorous boogie on a warm dance floor.

So is there a solution? Well, a make-up artist who helps the Royals look as glamorous as ever may have the answer, and it may be a lot cheaper than you're expecting.

Hannah Martin, the make-up artist who worked with Princess Eugenie on her wedding day, swears by Rimmel Stay Matte Powder which only costs £3.99.




Speaking to Get the Gloss, the talented make-up artist revealed that she loved the extremely affordable Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. Hannah shared her tips on how best to apply powder products, “You can use a brush or a powder pad, but be sure to blot your skin first as too much oil transfer onto the brush or pad can cause the makeup to look patchy.”

Princess Eugenie certainly looked glowing on her wedding day which took place in October 2018. Hannah called it 'one of the most magical days' of her career.

The make-up artist had plenty of tips for how best to ensure your day make-up can see you through to the evening, saying, “It’s easier than you think to switch up your eye makeup and rarely any need to take it all off and start again. If you know you have evening plans, try and keep your day eye make-up simple so you can easily layer on top.”

You can buy Rimmel Stay Matte Powder here.

Hannah has also worked with Carole Middleton, doing her make-up on a photo shoot for Stella magazine.

Fans of Hannah's make-up thought The Duchess of Cambridge's mother looked gorgeous, with one saying, 'Absolutely stunning! I echo the requests for a video/tutorial for us more mature ladies who still enjoy looking our best! You surely are gifted Hannah in enhancing a woman’s beauty.'

So if it’s good enough for the royals, we reckon it’s worth a try!

Words by: Rachel Howatson

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