The Popular Haircut That Will Instantly Slim Your Face

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren
(Image credit: Startraks Photo/REX/Shutterstock)

As we exit the season of excess, it's hard to avoid those old body confidence clichés because really, most of us do want to feel a bit slinkier of silhouette and sharper of jaw right now.

I'll assume you're covered for "eat less, move more" type advice, but did you know that the right haircut and colour can do amazing things to flatter your face shape?

So treat yourself to a new ‘do or clever colour technique - no delays, no deprivation, and no judgement if you'd like to keep drinking Baileys. Enjoy!

The Cut

Sharpen up a round face by having a long sweeping fringe chopped in. It should graze your cheekbones to create flattering angles and, by falling over a portion of your face, visually narrows everything down too.

If your chin isn't as chiselled as you'd like it a long bob that hits just below the jaw (like Helen Mirren, pictured) creates a sharp focus for the eye.

Shape is important too. "A haircut with internal layers around the front it perfect for creating a more sculpted-looking jawline," says top stylist Sam Burnett. Styling-wise, a side parting instantly slims by breaking up any large expanses of skin. Keep height around your crown and parting - volume abound the sides of your face is a little bit widening and a lot 80s prom queen.

The Colour

We know wearing vertical stripes can knock a few pounds off and the same goes with hair. "Go for light tones around the hairline for ear to ear, with darker tones painted underneath the ears and lower ends of the hair," advises colour guru Paul Edmonds.

"The light shades brighten and elongate the face, while the dark shades give the facial shape more of a point."

So now you know, why not book yourself in at the salon?