Top 45 Updo Hairstyles

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  • Create a new look with one of these on trend updos

    Whether it’s a wedding celebration, dinner party or just a day out shopping, an updo hairstyle is always in fashion.
    The wonderful thing about updo hairsyles is that they’re so versatile. Whatever your hair length or texture, there’s a perfect updo to suit you. But our favourite feature of an updo look is that it’s the ultimate choice for a bad hair day! Whether that’s because it’s raining outside or your hair is looking more shabby than chic, an clever updo is the perfect solution. Have a look through our updo hairstyles gallery and you’ll never have to suffer a bad hair day again or be short of inspiration!

    And if you’re feeling the heat in the summer months, then a no-fuss updo is the perfect solution! The easiest way to stop feeling sticky on hot days is by putting your hair up, and our collection of updo hairstyles will leave you looking stylish and cool – in the literal sense of the word!
    Easier to create than you think, an updo hairstyle is a simple way to instantly look glamorous and sophisticated. Whether you want something super elegant like a neatly-coiffed twist or something a little more relaxed, like a loose braid, an updo hairstyle is perfect for any festive fete. But there are plenty of great updo hairstyles that work for everyday looks too, with no-fuss styling that can be created when you are short on time in the mornings. 
    Whatever your hair type, we have an updo hairstyle to suit you, from ponytail hairstyles for long hair to plaited updo hairstyles for evening events and tousled updo hairstyles for curly hair to new twists on the classic bun updo hairstyle. 

    Browse our favourite updo hairstyles to inspire you to shake-up your current cut…

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