A Chic Side-Parting: The Quickest Way To Look 5 Years Younger

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  • Update your look instantly with an easy-to-wear side-parting hairstyle

    Want to update your look but don’t feel like going for a drastic cut or new hair colour? Get inspired by these side-parting hairstyles. A side-parting is youthful, flattering and easy to wear. An instant style shake-up, side-parting hairstyles will breathe new life into an old cut.

    It’s the ultimate style update, as whatever you hair length or type, you can incorporate this new style into your look. A side-parting hairstyle will work on curly locks, poker straight tresses and will add a new dimension to old school waves, bardot-style updos and short bobs.
    And the best part is that you don’t need a trip to the salon or to buy any new haircare products to achieve this stylish look. There’s also no risk of ending up with a look you hate for weeks (we’ve all had terrible haircuts that take ages to grow out) – with side-parting hairstyles, you can afford to experiment without any dire consequences.  Simply scroll though our pick of the best side-parting hairstyles and find a look that will suit you. 
    Not sure how to find the best look for you? For a simple side-parting style that’s both low maintenance and flattering, simply trace an imaginary line up from the inner edge of one of your eyes and then part your hair at that point. It’s easy! If you want more of a polished look, style your hair when it’s when to get a neater parting and use a bit of product to keep your tresses smooth. Voila – instant glamour! 
    Try a side-parting hairstyle and see how much more youthful, thick and full your hair appears – this quick and easy style change will instantly knock 5 years off anyone who tries it.