9 fresh scents to add to your fragrance collection - for a clean but chic impression

With sparkling hints of zingy citrus to powdery, laundry-like notes, these are the fresh perfumes to wear no matter the season...

A selection of 'Fresh perfumes' from brands including Maison Margiela, Joe Loves and Issey Miyake in a white bedding-style template
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Akin to the scent of a newly laundered white t-shirt or the juicy zing of a squeezed orange, these fresh perfumes offer a bright and comforting impression for year-round spritzing...

Though woody blends and musks are plentiful on the list of the best long-lasting perfumes - offering warmth and a sensual smoothness - sometimes you just want to be trailed by the uplifting scent of spring, or the soapy finish of your go-to body washes. Citrus notes and powdery florals often afford such an aroma and leave your skin smelling, for lack of a better word, clean. Naturally, this genre is a popular one among the best perfumes for women, but unlike that of gourmand pistachio or solar perfumes (which are synonymous with summer), these fragrances are timeless and can be worn all day, every day.

So, if you're in the market for a versatile signature, that is both lightweight and comfortable to wear (no heady and overpowering smells here), these are the nine fresh perfumes our beauty team can't recommend enough...

The 9 fresh perfumes to wear for a chic and clean signature

So, you're looking for a fresh and timeless scent? We've rounded up a selection, spanning everything from cottony iris perfumes to sparkling citrus scents, that are guaranteed to lift the senses and spirits...

What is a fresh perfume?

What constitutes a fresh perfume we hear you ask? This is quite subjective as someone else's 'fresh' might come off too soapy and perfume-y or even too fruity to others. That said, as far as woman&home's beauty team of self-proclaimed scent connoisseurs is concerned, it's typically a blend of either florals, citrus or aquatic notes.

Some floral perfumes, for instance, can smell like laundry and soap, so affording a 'clean' sort of freshness. While notes of lime, grapefruit, orange and lemon deliver than invigorating crispness, which is also, by all definitions, fresh.

Salty and oceanic hints can also offer a fresh feel, like taking a blustery walk on the beach, as can milk perfumes, with their soft and lightweight creaminess. A fresh scent is whatever alights your senses, makes you feel awake and like you want to take another deep, inhale of the aroma.

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