This makeup setting spray is so good that even Beyoncé uses it

In Beyoncé we trust

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Beyoncé's favorite makeup setting spray for the Renaissance Tour has sold out pretty much everywhere except Amazon - but you need to act fast to secure it.

Point blank, if Beyoncé says a product is worth your money, we have no choice other than to go ahead and trust her - especially if it's a product she's recommending while touring the world for her highly-anticipated Renaissance Tour. 

During her performances on the Renaissance Tour, Beyoncé has a lot of responsibilities: remembers all of her choreography, the music, and be able to be on her A-game while doing it all, so the last thing she needs to worry about is how her makeup looks. Therefore, our favorite multi-hyphenate needs makeup products that she loves and trusts will get the job done so that she can ensure a perfect glow for every show. 

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If you've been on social media at all in the last two days, you've likely seen someone complaining about how they can't get their hands on the One Size Beauty "On Til Dawn" mattifying setting spray - and for good reason. Beyoncé's makeup artist Rokael Lizama confirmed that he used it to keep her makeup set and in place while performing on the Renaissance tour. Accordingly, the Beyhive has swarmed to snatch the product up for themselves, and consequentially, the setting spray has sold out pretty much everywhere. 

But luckily, we found an Amazon sale that has the small size of the product on sale for $30 - you have to act fast though, because this product is in super high demand.

Patrick Starr On Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray 1 oz, $29 (£22) | Amazon

Patrick Starr On Til Dawn Mattifying Waterproof Setting Spray 1 oz, $29 (£22) | Amazon

This waterproof setting spray gives skin an all-day matte finish - and if it's good enough for Beyoncé to use on her tour, it's certainly good enough for us!

In a TikTok from the brand's creator, Patrick Starrr, text messages exchanged between Beyoncé's makeup artist, Rokael, and Patrick can be seen, where Rokael raves to Patrick about the staying power of the setting spray. 

"One Size spray come thru!!" Rokael said to Patrick over text, confirming just how great the product is with some close up pictures of Beyoncé's face. 

Patrick posted these text message screenshots in a TikTok, and fans were quick to comment just how much they love the product too. 

"See you in Vegas 👋🏽 and yes I will be wearing my One Size spray," one fan commented under Patrick's TikTok. 

"I was there and wore the sameeeee spray! Let me tell you we were our there getting drenched! But at the end of the night, my face still look bomb," another fan commented. 


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