This luxury lash brand has just launched at Boots – and it's perfect for sensitive eyes

As beauty products go, false lashes are divisive.

Some are devoted, addicted even, to the extra flutter that a set of falsies gives. Others, like me, gave them a try once or twice and decided never again. Why? Messy, sticky glue, fiddly application and the possibility of looking as overly primped and heavy-lidded as a sleep deprived My Little Pony, that’s why.

But then I was introduced to Velour Lashes, a US brand that aims to convert non-believers and has just launched into Boots. These lashes are different, they're grown-up and sophisticated, thanks to luxury packaging and ultra-fine silk and synthetic faux mink ‘hairs’ plus they feel extremely comfortable. I wore a pair all day in the office and completely forgot they were on, in stark contrast to previous attempts with other brands that left me feeling irritated and impatient to rip them back off.

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The best false eyelashes for those who want a natural look, they look great on, not too much, thanks to the brand’s focus on shorter, ultra-natural styles and longevity (each pair can be used 25 times). Even better, the lashes are super gentle even on sensitive eyes thanks to hypoallergenic, sterilised materials that are unprocessed and chemical dye free.

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Of course the main issue for inexperienced lash wearers is getting the blimmin’ things on. But this is a brand that cares as much about newbies as seasoned falsie fans. The Velour Lashes Effortless Kit, £27, is a very friendly way to have a bash at applying for the first time. It contains a pair of ‘Would I Lie?’ lashes, a subtly fluttery style that don’t need trimming down to fit smaller, deep-set or hooded eyes. There’s also a lash adhesive that dries totally clear and ultra-precise applicator tool that’s a bit like a skinnier, pointier pair of tweezers, so you can lay the false lashes right into the base of your natural lash line without getting gluey fingers.

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Velour founder Mabel Lee revealed in an interview that Velour is the biggest selling lash brand at Sephora and sales were almost certainly boosted by a few very famous fans. Not only did Beyoncé's make up artist Wei Lang reveal that the megastar “buys them by the ton” in in interview, but Daniel Martin, Makeup Artist to none other than The Duchess of Sussex revealed her love for Velour Lashes Whispie Me Away on Meghan’s old blog, The Tig. In fact, the Duchess is said to have worn this full and fanned-out style on her wedding day - if that isn't proof of how naturally beautiful these lashes can look, I don’t know what is.

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