Your favourite high-street skincare brand has gone eco-friendly

Making an effort to be sustainable is becoming more and more important.

And we all try to do our bit where we can.

We use steel or paper straws, we’ve swapped single use food and drink containers for KeepCups and Tupperware, and we’re all about our recycling bins.

But one area where it still feels like a bit of a challenge to live sustainably is when it comes to our bathroom cabinets.

Still, beauty bars are becoming increasingly popular among those trying to move away from products bottled in plastic and many are avoiding makeup wipes for their inability to be recycled.

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But even with schemes like John Lewis’s beauty recycling initiative, there is still more that can be done when it comes to the sustainability of our everyday lotions and potions.

Well now a popular high-street skincare brand has taken a huge step towards supporting the environment with their products.

Simple skincare has announced that they will be using recycled plastic in all of their packaging going forward.

The move comes following the launch of the budget brand’s biodegradable makeup wipes, which are among one of the most popular beauty wipes on the market, that launched last year.

The fuss-free brand is the top-selling skincare brand in the UK, selling around nine million bottles of everyday skincare products every year.

So by making the move to recycled packaging the stripped back brand will effectively stop nine million useless bottles of plastic ending up in landfill each year.

The new packaging will be used for all of the brand’s skincare essentials, including their range of facial moisturisers, their effective eye makeup removers and their much-loved micellar water, which sells 17 bottles each minute.

While there is still a way to go when it comes to bathroom and beauty sustainability, the major move from such an important brand is a massive breakthrough for the planet.

Well done Simple!