Sienna Miller’s £19 French skincare secret to achieving a glowing complexion

Sienna Miller has hailed this affordable retinol cream as the "French secret to great skin" and is a must-have in your beauty bag...

Sienna Miller wears blonde curls with a minimalist, natural makeup look and rosy lipstick
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Wanting to take your beauty routine to the next level? Sienna Miller’s go-to French retinol cream is an easy and non-intimidating way to add the cult ingredient into your beauty arsenal…

Promising an even-toned complexion that is smoother, clearer and brighter, it comes as no surprise that retinol is a massively popular ingredient in skincare at the moment, but it can also be a challenging task full of an abundance of products and complicated jargon. But, if you’re currently searching for the best retinol cream, you’ll be glad to know that Sienna Miller just unveiled the £19 product that she swears by in her routine.

Not only is it a great product, this celebrity-approved cream also sports an affordable price tag. So, just like Sienna Miller’s perfume, of course we’re taking notes about the actress’ go-to retinol cream and adding it into our beauty routine…

The £19 Retinol Cream Sienna Miller Uses In Her Daily Beauty Routine

When it comes to adding retinol into your skincare routine, you might be wondering what does retinol do? Well, to make the topic of retinol more approachable to address in your routine, take cues from Sienna Miller who uses a specific French retinol to champion her skin’s radiant and youthful glow - and it’s as affordable as it is easy to use.

Giving a rare insight into her daily beauty bag with Harper’s Bazaar (for its “Inside My Beauty Bag” YouTube series), Miller revealed that she swears by Pharma Développement’s A313 retinol cream to achieve her glowing complexion.

Introduced to the product by model and television presenter Alexa Chung, who Miller says has “the most amazing skin”, the actress also claims the over-the-counter retinol cream to be the “French girl secret to great skin”.

How to incorporate it into your routine

If you’re a beginner in the world of retinol, it’s advised that you start with a lower concentration and apply between 1-2 times a week before gradually increasing the potency and frequency in applying over time. Before fully adopting the ingredient into your routine, make sure to patch test your retinol product to see your skin’s reaction to it.

Although this particular A313 cream uses the mildest form of Vitamin A, called retinoid esters, you should avoid using other retinol-based products in your regime at the same time to avoid irritation to your skin - making sure to also avoid other acids, such as Vitamin C, for this same reason. As retinol is prone to making your skin more sensitive to sunlight, it is recommended that you only apply it at night after cleansing and wear sunscreen, with SPF 30 or higher, everyday.

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