This salon-worthy hair dryer our Beauty Editor loves is on sale for £20 off

It's a product even top hairdressers love...

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Choosing the besthair dryer for you can be a tough decision - with so many on the market, and so much choice, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.But to help make the decision easier for you, this Parlux Alyon Light Air Ionizer Hair Dryer is on sale for £20 off it's original price - reduced from £120 to £100.

The Parlux Aylon hairdryer is one of w&h Beauty Editor's favourites, having been featured in her best hair dryer guide for 2020. This hairdryer made the cut alongside other far more expensive models, so it's definitely a reasonably priced option that's worth your money.

VIEW DEAL: Parlux Alyon Light Air Ionizer Hair Dryer,, £100 (reduced from £120)

Aside from anything else, the Parlux Alyon undoubtedly looks chic in your bedroom (or dressing room).

With a sleek, prism exterior, and coming in a range of different colours (we love this coral blue), it'll be the perfect get-ready accessory.

But the Parlux is super functional too. It's lightweight, quiet, and very easy to use. It's got great heat and speed options to suit any type of hair - and is ionic too, meaning it'll help protect your locks against frizz and damage.

Parlux Aylon

But don't just take our word for it. Customers have been singing the praises of the Parlux Aylon hairdryer too.

One reviewer said, 'For me it is perfect, it dries fast and does not leave it frizzy', whilst another agreed, saying, 'I am satisfied and a great hair dryer ❤️ I love it'.

Our Beauty Editor Fiona McKim said of the hair dryer, 'As a combination of form and function there’s little to knock about the Parlux, and while it couldn’t be described as a budget option, you’d never need a travel dryer with something this light, and it would be sure to earn its keep over years of use.'

So will you be treating yourself to a new hairdryer?

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