This new £12 conditioning mascara promises stronger lashes in just a month

new max factor mascara conditions lashes
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Anything that promises better lashes has got us all rushing straight to the shops.

We would move heaven and earth to get our hands on any product that claims it can give us that all-important flutter.

But while there are countless products on the market promising to enhance lashes with the holy trinity of mascara purposes – length, volume and definition – there is now a new product that will fulfil an all-important fourth need that you may have never even considered – the health of your lashes.

Mac Factor’s new Lash Revival Mascara promises to lengthen and volumise lashes while also strengthening lashes with nourishing ingredients.

The product claims to fortify and condition lashes on a daily basis, leading to stronger lashes within four weeks.

new max factor mascara conditions lashes

It uses bamboo extract, which is known to promote the growth of thick hair, as it contains both silica and biotin – essential ingredients for keep hair, skin and nails healthy.It’s basically hair care in a mascara bottle.

And for even stronger lashes, the groundbreaking mascara has a matching eyelash primer available to buy with it.

The Lash Revival Primer uses conditioning oils plus skincare essential Vitamin E to keep lashes in top condition.

A Max Factor study even found that it maximised the results of the mascara.

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82% of participants said it added extra thickness to the lashes and 80 per cent agreed that it improved length.

84% of participants even said that it gave lashes an instant boost.

You can buy it from Superdrug HERE.

‘I always say mascara has the ability to instantly give impact to any look, so Lash Revival Mascara is the perfect product for delivering volume and length to the lashes,’ said Max Factor’s creative director Wendy Rowe.

‘The curved brush was specially designed to fit the contour of the eye and coat every single lash making application really easy and clean. Thanks to the nourishing ingredients and formula it will really help you get the most out of your lashes.’