Holland & Barrett’s bestselling no-nonsense skincare brand is currently on offer for bargain prices

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  • Holland & Barrett’s bestselling no-nonsense skincare brand Q+A is on offer for bargain prices.

    The easy-to-follow skincare brand sells 11 of its popular products in high-street store Holland & Barrett, and they’re all currently on sale.

    Ideal for those who get overwhelmed by the hoard of different skincare ingredients and products in today’s saturated beauty market, Q+A (which stands for questions and answers) aims to clear up the fog around building a skincare routine and make it a simple and easy process.

    Offering premium quality formulas without the hefty price tag, the ingredient-focused range offers a selection of cleansers, moisturisers, serums and treatments each focused around a single ingredient.

    Holland & Barrett Q+A skincare range

    Each ingredient-focused product comes with helpful and informative factoids (Credit: Holland & Barrett)

    With handy factoids and even a checklist on the side of each bottle to clarify which skin types the product is best for and what skin concern it targets, the line is ideal for those who thought that charcoal was just for fireplaces, ginger root was for cooking curries and liquorice was just the last sweet left in the Dolly Mixture bag.

    And Holland & Barrett is currently offering 25 per cent off each product, so that skincare experts and rookies alike can explore the range and see which bits are right for them.

    So for anyone who doesn’t know their peptides from their hyaluronic acid, get over to Holland & Barrett while the prices are reduced to come up with your ideal skincare routine.

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