Genius hack to stop perfume going bad this summer revealed

It's crucial to store your perfumes in a specific way in the summer

Genius hack to stop perfume going bad
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Fragrance experts have revealed a genius trick for making your perfume last longer - and it shouldn't cost you a thing. 

Ever since we totted up our list of the 40 best perfumes out there, we've been desperate to learn everything there is to know about how to store our fragrances properly - and it turns out there's a vital way to make sure your long-lasting perfumes don't lose their power before they've even left the bottle. 

Many beauty staples, such as liquid and cream makeup and perfumes, tend to have expiry dates that advise consumers to ditch them after a certain amount of time. Even before this deadline arrives, however, fragrances can still be susceptible to losing their iconic scents over time, especially if exposed to too much heat. 

According to cosmetic experts, incorrect storage of perfume is the main culprit of this decay. It's not uncommon for fragrances' aromas to fade when left in warm, bright conditions, such as bathrooms or bedrooms. To minimize this risk, it's best to find a chilled place to house your scents, whether you're a lover of musky patchouli scents or fresh fruity smells. A refrigerator - yes, you heard that right - is likely the most convenient option for most people. 

Genius hack to stop perfume going bad

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"Putting your perfume in the fridge is a great way to keep your perfumes at a cool temperature, therefore maintaining the aroma within the scent," explains the specialists at Parfumery. Refrigerating your fragrances can also "enhance any of its fresh notes", including lemon, mint, and bergamot. 

If you'd rather not mix your perfumes with your perishables, you can also use a drawer or a cupboard to keep them cool. The rule of thumb is that your sprays are protected from humidity and bright light, both of which will speed up their deterioration. 

Another way to prevent your perfume from fading is to apply a little Vaseline on your skin as a base before your spritz. The petroleum helps lock the scent in, thereby ensuring it wafts for longer. You can also spray it on areas of your body that sweat less, such as the stomach or the elbows. Hot, moist skin notoriously causes perfume to evaporate faster, so the dryer the surface, the better. 

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