Your Year Ahead Horoscopes: Virgo

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  • Timing is vital; it can make all the difference between success and failure, so when you know you have Jupiter in your sign until early September the time has come to launch your ships, whether these are related to your career, personal plans or romantic aspirations. Saturn in its new position can also help build your future, although there is a but… You may have to make a choice between your responsibilities and duties on the one hand, and your desires and ambitions on the other. Only you can make this choice. 2016 also has a fated quality about it, due to the effects of three eclipses, which occur on 9th March, 1st and 16th September. It will be around these times that out-of-the-blue events take place, particularly in regard to your love life and professional relationships. Make the most of your exceptional stars, and, if you’re tempted to “wait until a better time” remember: second chances are like hens’ teeth – rare.

    The Challenge

    You have reached a point in your life where it is essential to make a stand. Too much of your energy has gone into doing what other people expect of you at the expense of your true goals and your happiness. Know absolutely what or who it is you want, and go for it. When people see that you are impervious to criticism, unafraid of ridicule and fired with determination, they will back off – they may even come around. Do not reach the end of 2016 without having followed your heart. When you make a courageous move, the universe backs you up.

    Fab dates: 22 February, 8 March, 30 April, 5 August, 27 August, 3 December
    Drab dates: 28 February, 25 March, 19 June, 24 August, 16 September, 20 December

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