Your Year Ahead Horoscopes: Sagittarius

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  • Welcome to the world of Saturn. Saturn entered your sign for a two-year transit in September 2015, and during the next twelve months it will be the 24th November – 10th December birthdays who will feel this planet’s firm grip on their affairs. Responsibilities and duties there will be a-plenty, but the lessons you learn and the strength you will acquire will enable you to make huge strides in the years to come. Little will come easily and there could, I’m afraid, be disappointments – early June, mid- August and early September are trying to say the least – but do your best to remain optimistic. Trial and error will get you there in the end. Jupiter’s dominant position will produce compensations and lucky breaks, and the harder you work the luckier you’ll be. Home moves, possibly to a distant place, could be on the agenda for some Archers, and in the event of purchasing a property, do not exceed your budget.

    The Challenge
    It may not be a lot of fun having Saturn in your sign, but once this transit is over, you’ll be a super-improved version of yourself. Although you are a largely successful, happy and popular individual, sometimes you fail to live up to expectations. You take the path of least resistance and give up when the going gets really rough. This is what Saturn is teaching you – doggedness and diligence. But this is not all Saturn has to offer. With great responsibility comes power. By the end of 2017 no one will ever accuse you of being a lightweight; you’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

    Fab dates
    : 13 January, 8 March, 5 April, 30 July, 26 September, 25 December
    Drab dates: 25 March, 3 June, 20 June, 24 August, 1 September, 13 December

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