Your Year Ahead Horoscopes: Pisces

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  • Finding balance is your challenge for 2016. With so many potentially great and good developments on the personal and romantic front your career and material responsibilities could suffer. And vice versa; with extra work and a higher profile certain relationships could go by the board. Plan your time – plan everything – and keep your eye on finances. The most eventful periods of the year fall around the time of the eclipses in Pisces – the 9th March and the 16th September. You may choose to make your most important decisions in these months but there may also be some out of the blue events that send you in a whole new direction. Dreams versus reality has been something of a recurrent theme in recent years but not quite so profoundly as in 2016. Late August and September reveal where your hopes have been justified or misplaced.

    The Challenge
    Processing the pain is essential if we are to move on from a difficult experience, but there comes a point when going over it again and again becomes counter-productive. There is no virtue in being a victim. Whether an event in the past continues to reach into the present or a recent experience hurts like hell, you have to pull yourself up by your proverbial bootstraps and get going. Use 2016’s fabulous Jupiter aspects to mount an epic come-back.

    Fab dates
    : 18 January, 8 March, 2 July, 24 October, 1 November, 9 December
    Drab dates: 22 February, 2 June, 18 June, 25 August, 16 September, 1 December

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