Your Year Ahead Horoscopes: Leo

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  • 2015 was a time to plant the seeds of your future success, and while some Leos have already seen that success for others it remains a waiting game. But have faith. You made connections, set in motion projects and gained experience. The rest will come. Saturn’s transit of the zone of creativity is both a blessing and a curse: a blessing in the sense that people will be taking you and your offerings more seriously but a curse in that getting new projects off the ground could take time. And this could prove particularly trying for those Leos hoping to start or add to the family or begin a business. Expectations must be aligned with reality, and no matter how good it feels to have people please and flatter you, the facts and figures must add up. A meeting or development occurring on or near 9th March could lead to great things. September is another month of bright potential.

    The Challenge
    You may be a feisty fire sign but you do not readily accept change. And this degree of caution normally protects you from jumping into inappropriate situations. However, 2016’s influences could inspire you to believe what you want to believe and not in hard evidence, thus you could be taken in by people who do not live up to their promises. And vice versa: you may dismiss someone who is a genuine gem. Perform background checks on people whether you intend to partner up with them for love, money, business or friendship.

    Fab dates: 13 February, 9 April, 23 May, 22 July, 22 October, 25 December
    Drab dates: 24 January, 22 April, 18 June, 18 August, 1 September, 19 December

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