Your Year Ahead Horoscopes: Capricorn

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  • Capricorn, the Rock, has earned its solid reputation over the past few years. In the main you have had to withstand all weathers, and those triumphs you have experienced have come at a cost. There is change for the better this year, almost entirely due to Jupiter. This planet of growth will periodically angle Pluto in your sign, opening up new and welcome avenues both in personal and professional terms. Expect improvements and opportunities in March, June or November, and should they involve distant places and unfamiliar territory, so much the better. Success could be achieved in the legal matters and through academic work, and some Capricorns may even go into publication. Certainly, you’ll have plenty to write about by the time you reach December. If, during the past seven years, you have made no major life changes, it is time you did. Early January, early July and late September rock.

    The Challenge

    Taking your time has many advantages, as does not making the same mistake twice. However, put these practices together and you get stagnation. Waiting for absolutely everything to come together before making a move is doomed to end in failure. Imperfect as the situation may be, unready as you may feel, if you have enough of the pieces and time is running out, go for it – whatever it may be. In truth, there may never have been a better time.

    Fab dates
    : 9 January, 10 February, 26 May, 26 June, 1 August, 21 December
    Drab dates: 5 January, 23 March, 6 April, 7 July, 16 October, 29 October

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