Your Year Ahead Horoscopes: Cancer

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  • So, you must be asking yourself, when does all the fun begin? Well, I’m not sure that you could describe 2016 as fun on sticks but it is an improvement on the past two years. Your world will become bigger, both in the figurative sense and in the way of travel, and although you are normally a cautious creature a new spirit of adventure will lead to many positive life changes. Uranus and Pluto continue to challenge you to move away from the past and to be focussed in your quest for a bigger and better life; and, especially if your birthday falls between the 3rd and 7th July, 2016 has many surprises and opportunities up its sleeve. Jupiter’s arrival at the base of your horoscope (9th September) will begin an upwardly-mobile twelve months: some Cancerians will rise to prominence in their chosen field and many will be celebrating a new era for family life.

    The Challenge
    It may seem as though Fate has driven many of the triumphs and disappointments you have experienced during these past few years, but if you take the time to go back over some of them, you should be able to see that your unconscious desires have played a part. Now you have to put that understanding into practice. Whether through fear of change, fear of what other people think or concerns for others’ wellbeing you may well have compromised your own happiness. Isn’t it time you struck out? Staying in situations just for the security and stability they provide is a false premise: if you don’t rescue yourself, the cosmos will give you a kick up the behind!

    Fab dates
    : 9 January, 14 February, 16 March, 25 June, 24 September, 29 December
    Drab dates: 6 January, 6 April, 1 July, 7 July, 15 October, 28 October

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