Your six month horoscope: Leo

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  • There’s a word you don’t often use when people ask you to organise an event or take a leading role, and that word is “no”. Please practise saying it, especially during the summer months – this is your downtime. Put your health and wellbeing first, and the rest will look after itself.

    Mercury’s retrograde passage from 15 July to 8 August and 6 to 26 November will make for some protracted journeys and communication meltdowns, but just knowing this could help you get from A to B with the minimum of fuss.

    Two dates stand out during this second half of the year – 2 August and 13 November: neither of these are times to give anyone or anything an ultimatum, but they are occasions on which to make a binding commitment; and if an opportunity arises, grab it with both hands.

    Saturn’s arrival at the base of your horoscope (5 October) will bring property issues into the spotlight: you, of course, will have the last say in what you do, but from this point, it will be wiser to downsize and avoid using your home as collateral. Small, you’re going to find, is beautiful.

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