Your six month horoscopes: Cancer

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  • It’s been 12 long years since Jupiter graced your sign, and there are now 12 months in which you can expect life to deliver some rosebuds instead of those lemons. And for some Cancerians, this forecast will come true this summer. Through July and August, Jupiter will be caught up in a grand alignment that breeds harmony and happiness, so you can have confidence about the plans you have drawn up, and, of course, there could be some beautiful surprises. As always, be prepared to help your good luck manifest by taking the initiative in projects and relationships. Create your own opportunities.

    Your new astrological status will also help you find more joy in a long-term relationship; and some Cancerians will receive a surprise proposal or suddenly decide to marry after years of being together. Late September is a highly propitious time for weddings in particular and romance in general. Pluto continues its retrograde journey through the relationship zone, so there is still a possibility of rekindling a long-lost love or finding someone with whom you sense a past-life connection. The early-to-mid August period is redolent with destiny and karma.

    If you feel successful, you’ll be successful; and vice versa. With Jupiter now on side, you have what it takes to put this theory to the test. Aside from your career taking off during the next 12 months, if you have been toying with the idea of starting your own enterprise or going freelance, 2013 to 2014 is the time to do so. Some Cancerians could be taking a sabbatical, whether to expand their skills and knowledge or to focus on home, family, even a new baby; others will be travelling more because of their job.

    Both money and career, though, are also being influenced by Uranus, so the trend for roads to suddenly run out is strong. And if these years of austerity have taught you anything, it is that there is no such thing as a safe job. Late July and late August are both periods when the unexpected happens and, although this could manifest as a wonderful job offer, if you are made redundant or feel pushed aside, bide your time: something much better is in the pipeline.

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