Weekly horoscope: Monday 6th July – Sunday 12th July

Curious to know what the week has in store for you?
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    Weekly horoscope, Monday 6th July – Sunday 12th July

    Weekly Horoscope: Aries

    It’s a great idea to relax and book a well-earned, future break. Thinking about who you want to spend that time with is key. Be sure to plan something adventurous.

    Weekly Horoscope: Taurus

    Weekly Horoscope Taurus Star Sign

    Time to hit the refresh button and restart a project that’s been going wrong for you. Take some friendly advice from a professional who can help.

    Weekly Horoscope: Gemini

    Weekly Horoscope: Gemini star sign

    Speaking from the heart will show someone how much you care. It’s time to be romantic. Rest assured they feel the same way, so don’t delay in what you say.

    Weekly Horoscope: Cancer

    Weekly Horoscope: Cancer star sign

    Take a dive into the deep end this week by getting yourself fit and active. Doing an energetic sport will work wonders for you, physically and mentally.

    Weekly Horoscope: Leo

    Weekly Horoscope: Leo star sign

    You might not have stepped foot in a classroom for a while, but it’s time to learn something different. A new skill will come in handy in your day job.

    Weekly Horoscope: Virgo

    Weekly Horoscope: Virgo star sign

    Remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and someone will be keen to get closer to you this week as they have romance and love on their mind.

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    Weekly Horoscope: Libra

    Weekly Horoscope: libra star sign

    Be ready for someone close to fly off the handle when you buy something that you can’t really afford. They’ll soon calm down when you tell them it’s for them.

    Weekly Horoscope: Scorpio

    Weekly Horoscope: scorpio star sign

    It’s a good week to make amends with a friend you’ve become distant from. Break the ice with a special gift and you’ll be pleased with their reaction towards you.

    Weekly Horoscope: Sagittarius

    Weekly Horoscope: Sagittarius star sign

    You might feel you’re between a rock and a hard place this week when you can’t seem to do right from wrong. Find solace and reassurance in your loved ones.

    Weekly Horoscope: Capricorn

    Weekly Horoscope: capricorn star sign

    Fresh air and adventure is just the ticket to get you in the right mood this week. It’ll be all the better to enjoy it with someone from your household.

    Weekly Horoscope: Aquarius

    Weekly Horoscope: Aquarius star sign

    Actions always speak louder than words, so when a family member needs some support, make sure you’re there for them. Friday brings news of a wedding.

    Weekly Horoscope: Pisces

    Weekly Horoscope: Pisces star sign

    An eventful week ahead, and everyone seems to want to borrow some of your time. Make sure you prioritise what’s most important or you might end up in pieces.

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