What houseplant should you buy, based on your star sign?

Wondering what houseplant you should buy? Expert on which suit your star sign and why plants make home life healthier the natural way

Wondering what houseplant you should buy? With a vast array of options available, perhaps looking to the stars is your best option—especially as some star signs have very particular needs when it comes to all things botanical.

Astrology may not be the obvious choice to find house plants that will transform your living spaces and boost your mood—but did you know that some can purify the air in your home too?

Astrology is playing a bigger role in our lives every day, so it's no surprise that you might turn to your star sign to decide which plant to buy (although, your star sign may have recently changed). Many people turn to the stars to find out about important parts of their lives – from the dating websites they should use, to how successful their children will be. Unsurprisingly then, how we are decorating our homes is no different.

As revealed by the Flowers & Plants Association in 2018, the UK’s flower and indoor plants market is worth a whopping £2.2 billion and in 2016, Europeans spent an average of almost €40 billion on houseplants and flowers according to Royal Flora Holland.

But before you start looking for the plant delivery services near you, find out what kind of plant suits your personality.

This is the type of houseplant you should buy, based on your star sign….

Whether you're a stoic Scorpio or an outgoing Leo, Faraway Furniture has figured out the best houseplant for you.


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The vivacious Leo (July 23 to August 22) is a spirited fire sign, so needs a plant to match their energy. And what could be better than the tall Yucca plant? It loves to lounge in the sunshine more than anything, just like the zodiac lion.

To bring out the true colours of the yucca plant, place it in a partially shaded area of bright, but indirect light.


Just like the humanitarian Aquarius, born between January 20 to February 18, Air plants are epiphytes. This means that, even in nature, they grow on other plants and not in soil, bringing new life into everything they touch.

For the best care of Air plants, soak them in water for two to three hours every ten days – they are the plants of a water sign, after all.


Those born between March 21 and April 19 are known for being bold and ambitious, just like their namesake ram. Therefore, the rich colours of the Calathea plant make it the perfect choice for a typical Aries.

Also known as “Prayer Plants”, Calathea plants have rich purple, green, pink and red leaves. They require medium amounts of light and thrive in high-temperature environments like bathrooms, so unique to many other typical houseplants.

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The Ponytail Palm is the choice of houseplant for anyone born under the Taurus sign (April 20 to May 20). Just like the bull, this plant enjoys serene, rustic environments and basking in direct sunlight.

To keep your ponytail palm happy, make sure that you’re giving it plenty of light by putting it right next to a window and giving it a regular watering.


If you’re a Gemini then you’re used to always being busy, so your houseplant shouldn’t be any different. The ever-reproducing Bromeliad is ideal for a Gemini because of that.

The long-lasting plant produces pups (or side shoots) which will replace the original plant – keeping you busy with care and upkeep, and your plant happy.


An Asparagus fern is the pick of the bunch for Cancers (June 21 to July 22). It’s as effortlessly sophisticated as they are and brings simple style to whatever room they’re in.

Asparagus ferns are also relatively easy-going and can take changes in environment well, adapting to bright spots and darker corners as needed. But just keep them away from direct sunlight – that would be too much attention for a Cancer’s plant.


Virgos, born between August 23 and September 22, are practical and often perfectionists. This suits the low-maintenance Begonia plant, which only requires an occasional drink and even less water, especially in the winter.

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But this vibrant plant comes in a variety of colours and patterns, so don’t underestimate its potential to brighten up your living space.


A peace lily is a popular houseplant, therefore just the one for a Libra. Those born between September 23 and October 22 are known for being generous to others and providing peace in the lives of others.

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Bringing equilibrium and harmony to any household, these are perfect if you're looking to stay productive while working from home. Peace lilies detoxify their environment and look beautiful, so help to maintain balance in any room. With enough light, peace lillies will reach their full potential and produce white and off-white flowers in the early summer, and continue to bloom throughout the year.


Just like the stoic Scorpio star sign (October 23 to November 21), a Cast-Iron Plant can survive in challenging conditions. Although they draw strength from emotion, Scorpios and Cast-Iron Plants are incredibly resilient and will always soldier on.

This is a houseplant that's easy to care for, only requiring feeding twice a year and watering occasionally.


The plant most suited to Sagittarians' star sign (November 22 to December 21) is African Violets. These are some of the most popular in the world because of their bright colours and pleasing appearance.

While they’re slightly more high-maintenance than other houseplants as African Violets’ leaves are likely to rot if kept in high humidity. So make sure you’re keeping yours in a well-ventilated room and always water from the bottom, to avoid excess water on the leaves.

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Capricorns are born late or very early in the year, from December 22 to January 19. They’re well versed in navigating the emotional and material worlds, so their star sign is just like the Guiana Chestnut plant – otherwise known as the “Money Tree”.

Many people think that the trunk and leaves of these houseplants bring good luck and financial success, while the vibrancy of their colours will soothe anyone in the same room.


Another water sign, Pisces are often wrapped up in their own worlds. Much like the Jade Plant, which will become dormant if not given suitable care.

For your Jade plant to reach its full potential, make sure that it has immaculate drainage with four or more hours of sunlight a day. While it might lack flamboyancy when uncared for, as soon as you rehydrate a Jade plant it will often grow to be bigger and better than it was before.

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